Dementia is Skyrocketing – Does Gluten Intolerance Play a Role

Posted on Is dementia caused by gluten intolerance? Dementia is dramatically increasing in the US & it’s expected to double by the end of the decade. Gluten contributes to the condition. Find out more from a doctor and author.

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  1. tdginter

    I believe it. Immediately after childbirth, I lived w/ Dementia like symptoms for 4 1/2 years.? After I got off gluten, symptoms have largely cleaned up. In addition, a close family member (diagnosed w/ Dementia), while off gluten, their symptoms decreased greatly. Once on gluten again, symptoms returned immediately (along w/ severe UTI’s, decreased strength, hallucinations, watery stool, & 1 MD mentioned nutritional stats were so low, they could only be contributed to life long anorexia).

  2. YmnTree

    I was diagnosed with androgenetic alopecia…female hair loss in my late? 20s. an autoimmune disorder

  3. Herm445

    Thank you! And you look younger? with your hair that way! I like it! 🙂

  4. grannaboo03

    Oh good grief? typing with a my 8 mo. Grandson, he bumped me. Fogginess is what I meant to type…lol although, it may also be due to an 8 month old teething too!

  5. grannaboo03

    Oh good grief typing with a my 8 mo. Grandson, he bumped? me. Fogginess is what I meant to type…lol although, it may also be due to an 8 month old teething too!

  6. grannaboo03

    Opps, I meant grogginess,? not foo

  7. grannaboo03

    Oh my! I had no idea, this was even possible! Is that the same as the foggy? feeling I sometimes get? The foggiest that you can’t explain, why you feel that way? Now you have my attention! Tell me more.

  8. tdginter

    I would say yes, most definitely. I’ve seen/experienced it 1st hand. Prior 2 my moms death, she had dementia (which got worse at the start of a bad UTI, sometimes included? hallucinations. UTI, also due 2 gluten). It decreased while she was GF. Personally, I had an instant onset of dementia immediately after childbirth.

    I read a study recently, indicating at least 90% of Alzheimer’s have as least an intolerance to gluten. I wish U would include gluten intolerance more prevalently in your videos.

  9. TheIAMINU

    Mental acuity can be excruciating if you aren’t? used to it.

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