Diagnosing Celiac Disease: Recognizing Extra-Intestinal Symptoms – Part 3 of 7

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The overwhelming majority of people with Celiac Disease remain undiagnosed, and the average number of years between disease onset and diagnosis is 11 years. …

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  1. Lydia M

    I love you Dr. Kaplan!! Thank you for saving lives….I have APS Type 2. Type 1 diabetic for 38 years! No doctor ever mentioned? this!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Gayle Y.

    Don’t? stop eating gluten before you get tested. Good luck to you.

  3. stratocaster1986able

    I have been diagnosed with sever IBS for over 8 years, my life is? herrendous, I am suicidal because of it. But now I am suspicious I have celiac disease as I have a lot of the symptoms. Gonna ask if I can get tested.

  4. dmassey1263

    I went to my doctor about 4 years ago and asked to ne tested for Celiac. After tje test they said I dod not have an allergy to? wheat. I tried to explain Celiac is and intolerance not an allergybut they would not listen. I am gluten free but still experience occasional flare ups.

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