Dominos gluten-free pizza

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A rational person’s pov

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  1. bonitatina90

    Nice? video 🙂 just subscribed! I have a fitness channel myself 🙂

  2. NaturesFairy

    Awesome video!! I bought my 1st GF pizza from Dominos a week ago & was very? pleased. I like how you speak, well done!

  3. EZGlutenFree

    You make a lot of sense. At first, I was very angry at Domino’s. You might say I felt as if they were trying to cash in on a demand in the market rather than actually trying to do? the work involved to make sure the product truly is gluten free. I’d like to see exactly how they’re making their gf pizza from factory to box to make a final decision on how risky it is to eat. It’s good that a large company is at least making an attempt at this.

  4. snowblo1

    Dude, this video is soooo awesome! And I totally agree! I was just watching the Domino video on their new gluten free crusts, and I couldn’t believe how many people who are supposedly “celiac-sesriously gluten intolerant” were complaining about how dare Dominoes attach a disclaimer to their product, in addition to why there was not a “dedicated” prep area to bake the? pizza’s. I’m like, give me break! If you’re that sensitive, don’t go out to fast food joints! Cook for yourself at home. GREAT VID

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