Domino’s New Gluten Free Crust Pizza – See below for updated video link

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We’ve updated this video and reposted it. Click here to view the new video:

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  1. Anna Sophia


  2. DaveyCrockettable

    There is? a God.

  3. dominokblue

    I would recommend asking them to not use the pizza cutter though, and cut it at home yourself. That’s the main? utensil that I can see contaminating it.

  4. dominokblue

    Srsly. The negativity of people with food allergies/sensitivities was appalling when I worked in a restaurant. I have many food sensitivities that make me very sick if I? have them. If I eat out and someone takes the time to try and help me find something good that I can eat/make adjustments I am very appreciative. It is not easy to change a business, many businesses are struggling as it is and time is an issue. Comments like the one by Shelbyskitchen come across as entitled & snobby.

  5. dominokblue

    It is negativity like this? that makes restaurant staff cringe when people with food sensitivities try and eat out. How harsh of a response is this to a company that actually made an up-front and thoughtful video, while asking for our suggestions? Domino’s just increased their standing as a company in my book. I am actually impressed that a corporate pizza joint is trying to cater to us. Not an easy task.

  6. dominokblue

    It’s commendable that they are trying to cater to the GF community. I appreciate that this giant corporation is actually listening to the g-intolerant folk’s wishes to be able to eat PIZZA. We wish? to venture into an environment that is completely unwelcome to our systems because we so miss something that gave us comfort from before. Maybe they haven’t perfected the system of delivering this product to us but they are trying to, but it’s not easy and they are open to our suggestions to improve

  7. TheGDayz

    It was almost enough to have to go go the emergency? room for the amount of abdominal pain she experienced.

    Real awareness? No, this is a plastic pretense, backed up by the gimmicky NFCA to coin off a REAL illness with REAL consequences. I am beyond disappointed, and infuriated, that a company is getting away with such a veracious facade in attempts to “show real awareness”.

    I urge everyone who agrees with this to contact Dominoes and issue a complain for sake of our public’s health safety.

  8. TheGDayz

    The real question here should be why are so many people NOT complaining about this. This is not something you can simply “try”. Labeling and? advertising food as “gluten free” is misleading and downright DANGEROUS to people with Celiac Disease, especially when the caveat is not being in a transparent manner (i.e a small blurb posted on the side of the pizza box most will not notice).

    My girlfriend ate this “gluten-free” pizza, whom has Celiac Disease, and became terribly, painfully ill. (cont.)

  9. alexqzed

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.? Thank you. Thank you.

  10. xoaegirl

    We would probably complain bc it only adds to people like u having no clue what they are talking about. Get educated before u state your opinion on a disease that you? obviously know very litte about. There is no point in going the “extra mile” when the gluten free consumer cant not even have it. They should be commended for adding to the ignorance of people who are clueless. 1 in evey 133 people have celaic disease, and the diagnoses rate is only going to continue to rise. MINORITY I THINK NOT!

  11. xoaegirl

    What is the point in making a GF Pizza when those who actually need it cant have it? Dominos u really are missing the big picture here and ur only adding to the misunderstanding as to what the meaning of gluten FREE is. Your marketing team obviously didnt do enough research to? know what consumer this would be aimed at. Celiac Disease is not a minority it effects 1 in every 133 people, but the U.S only has a 5% diagnoses rate compared to Finlands 70% where even McDonalds offers gluten free items!

  12. Finisherdrummer3

    It’s kinda like if Hershey’s came out with a new “imitation peanut butter cup” for people who have peanut allergies, but then the bag label reads “may contain traces of real peanuts”. You either have to go the whole way, or none. Dominos could easily afford to have ONE oven for gluten free only pizzas, and while? yes they certainly don’t have to cater to anyone specifically, they’re doing it because they’re losing business otherwise. I take it you don’t have to live with this allergy?

  13. Mitch Mitchman

    I found a centipede? on my pizza 🙁 I asked? for a refund and they refused, saying it was a joke. 🙁

  14. Mitch Mitchman

    I found a centipede on my pizza 🙁 I asked? for a refund and they refused, saying it? was a joke. 🙁

  15. Mitch Mitchman

    I found? a centipede on my pizza 🙁 I asked for a refund and they refused, saying it was a joke. 🙁

  16. GarfieldAwesome

    that’s alot of starch.?

  17. snowblo1

    Oh wow, I’m just not getting your e-mail, Ame, LOL. Well isn’t this ironic, I can boil the heck out of an egg, but tried my hand at making gluten free pizza the other day (by using GF Bisquick…YUK!) and it had turned out pretty bad. Hopefully with a bit more patience & money (cause this shit is expensive,? LOL) I’m sure I’ll soon master the perfect thin crust Gluten free pizza. Have a great holiday, dear!!!

  18. scentedflames1

    What? the celiacs expect is not to use the term GLUTEN FREE when it clearly isn’t!

  19. scentedflames1

    You can’t have an item “sorta” glutenfree – Domino’s is completely explotating the word “glutenfree”. All the well know gastro Dr’s are saying that NOONE with any sort of gluten issues – even the 18mil ones Domino’s claims to be marketing – should? NOT eat this pizza!

  20. snowblo1

    Hi sonji1…yes, I’ve actually ordered one for pick-up twice now & it was super delicious. Like I wasn’t expecting that at all. I’m not totally intolerant, just sensetive. However, when I went in to order it, the? manger had a long discussion with me about how the prepboys/cooks wash all areas, along with their hands and the pizza cutter. The 2nd time I had it, it wasn’t as good as the 1st, but still decent. It’s rather small though. $9.99 for cheese only. $1.00 additional for each topping.

  21. sonji1

    well? done, thanks for letting me know!

  22. sonji1

    well i got a reply from someone, he said he ordered it and it was delicious and no? problems afterwards. It may be worth the risk! I’m mega sensitive though, but it would be nice to join my son for pizza like a normal family…

  23. mikeyhennessy

    i hope this guys kids get diagnosed with celiac disease. then? maybe he’ll do it right.

  24. ApplPi3

    That’s so awesome!!?

  25. MrNDUDE16

    The guy reminds me of the? papa John guy. I just order papa johns .

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