Easy Gluten & Soy-Free Vegan Pizza Recipe

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  1. shippermd

    What? are the crusts made with? How much are they, abouts? Looks sooo YUM!

  2. Betty Liem

    I love garlic powder!?

  3. Betty Liem

    Those pizza crusts? look so convenient!

  4. AnonymousArtistDream

    You can find? a decent cheese in London 🙂

  5. Gabriel love

    My favorite thing about Daiya is that it is so cheap compared to alot of over priced vegan? products, Daiya is reasonable!

  6. EcoVeganGal

    it depends on the brand. Daiya? is made with tapioca & oil. Some are made with soy, some with nuts like cashew, almond or hazelnut.

  7. Claimjumpers

    What is ‘vegan cheese’ made out? of??

  8. Beanz572

    yuuuuuumy! i think ill try it with sprikles of? nutritional yeast on top as my parmesan substitute

  9. humbledreamsmusic

    that cheese tastes like feet!! I just make my pizza without “cheese” now because daiya is ugh? disgusting.

  10. souldude81

    We can produce lactose free milk so why can’t we produce lactose free cheese? A lot of cheeses are made in small farms in rual areas in Europe where such practices as hormone replacements or antiboitics aren’t the norm. I will still bet that real cheese, is more healthy than synthetic cheese,? made to replicate the properties of actual cheese.

  11. honeybadger412

    I’d put my money on the Daiya, as it has NO cholesterol, hormones or antibiotics (unlike most real cheese.) Also, a lot of people are lactose intolerant and have food allergies,? so it’s not always about what’s healthier.

  12. MsIaminlovewithjb

    Made? this!!!!!!

  13. MsIaminlovewithjb

    Made? this

  14. scorpion55x

    I’ve been vegan, soy free, and gluten free for 9 weeks? now. It’s been a difficult undertaking. I constantly get headaches, I’m always lethargic, and I can’t concentrate. I’ve tried adding vitamins and other supplements but, nothing helps. Everything except quinoa pasta tastes like crap. Almond milk is crap. “So Delicious” coconut products are crap. Daiya is the most artificial tasting? garbage I’ve ever put in my mouth and gluten free bread.. gross! I don’t know how much more of this I can take.

  15. cassl14

    Oh cool, I ? heard it was beautiful there.

  16. souldude81

    and its also not cheese. ?

  17. souldude81

    wow the ingredients to cheese? is just water and fat. I wonder which is actually more healthier.

  18. xCowsCanFly

    i live in thailand :)?

  19. cassl14

    That sucks! Where city do you live in? You gotta find a whole foods. You may be? able to order online. I’m sure you can.

  20. itsmechristie03

    I like to use hummus in place of cheese… just put on after you bake.?

  21. notoriousnews

    I am? looking for a vegan pizza recipe. There’s some stuff here that I would add and take away. 🙂

  22. natyanayaki

    Yes, but they have products that contain palm? oil. 🙁

  23. seygra20

    There’s not palm oil in this mozzarella cheese. Here are the ingredients based on the website “Filtered water,? tapioca and/or arrowroot flours, non-GMO expeller pressed canola and /or non-GMO expeller pressed safflower oil, coconut oil, pea protein, salt, vegan natural flavors, inactive yeast, vegetable glycerin, xanthan gum, citric acid (for flavor), titanium dioxide (a naturally occurring mineral)”

  24. natyanayaki

    But Daiya? contains palm oil 🙁

  25. moreno9887

    hey. what do you mean soy-free? whats wrong with soy? someone help me? please.

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