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Food Allergies, Gluten Intolerance, Celiac Disease, Leaky Gut, Kids Health, AOMA Austin Please visit our website: In this free video, Naturopathic pediatrician, Dr. Amy Myers MD, speaks about children’s and infant health as well as adult health. She addresses the issues that inflammation and food sensitivities can cause. Leaky gut syndrome and inflammation are also core aspects of health issues discussed in this video and are often the root of mood and anxiety problems as well as a myriad of other health conditions. Some food sensitivities have a delayed reaction and can be very difficult to uncover. Elimination diets and testing can help you learn what foods are good for you and which you should avoid. Probiotics and enzymes will help repaid a leaky gut in addition to eliminating the problem foods. Most autoimmune disorders are linked to a leaky gut. Depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue or fibromyalgia and even Autism may be related to problems with eliminating metals or other toxins from the body. A multivitamin with pre-methylated B6, B12 and folic acid can do a lot to improve health. Visit the AOMA website for more information on enrolling, acupuncture treatment and more at This video was produced by Psychetruth © Copyright 2011 Target Public Media, LLC. All Rights Reserved. kids health “kids health” “food allergies” gluten Celiac disease inflammation “leaky gut” natural

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  1. IChoseTheRedPill

    weren’t you one of the accusers? yes you were!!! she wasn’t here to defend herself yet you had an awful lot to say!!! loser accuser that you are!!!

    “ignorance always speaks the loudest” ohh wow!!! this is awesome!!! you were the one who was the loudest accuser!!!!!!! ignorance!!!!! U!!!!

    what a pathetic lying jerk off!!! coming off as her defender!!! oh my GOD!!!? what did you do, pull every slander post you put up there?

    remember me man? i remember every single word!!! every one!!!


  2. VideoScout1000

    Does? leaky gut cause vulvodynia? E.g pain or numbness in clitoris and labia?

  3. dramymyers

    thank? you!

  4. Lunartrek

    I don’t think you should feel the need to defend yourself; only so much can be conveyed through a short video. There will always be people who doubt and, in my experience, ignorance always speaks the loudest so don’t get into a shouting match with it. Not that that is what you have done.
    I just think that individuals such as yourself simply need to share what they learn. Don’t sully yourself with a defense against baseless accusations. Let the rest of? us do that. 😉

  5. dramymyers

    awesome great for you! spread the? word!

  6. dramymyers

    leaky gut or dysbiosis as it is technically called? is recognized in the peer reviewed GI journals now. Ask any GI doctor about it.

  7. dramymyers

    I am not a so-called doctor – If you were having a heart attack 2 years ago and showed up in the ER I would have been the one saving your life. I was tried of the ER and decided to help prevent illness and actually heal people. ? My patients are not ignorant they are very well informed about their health and their bodies – we make decisions together and work as a team. I am not preying on anyone. Ask any of my patients – they are very satisfied with getting well!

  8. dramymyers

    We are in Austin Texas? – it won’t let me post my website – so google AMy Myers, MD or Austin UltraHealth in Austin, TX. Happy to help you!

  9. dramymyers

    thank you?

  10. dramymyers

    Thank you!?

  11. dramymyers

    It would not allow me to add my website – if you google Amy Myers, MD? or Austin UltraHealth in Austin, TX you will find us.

  12. dramymyers

    HI everyone. I did not realize that this panel had been taped and I just found this on the internet today. I have not read through all of the comments. We will have a new updated website by the end of the month. I am located in Austin? Texas. You only need to be seen once in person and everything else can be done by phone if you chose.

  13. Lunartrek

    Such ways can be respected and yielded to. You do not conquer hearts and minds, you enlist them through mutual respect and consideration for differing perspectives. Anything else merely inspires spite and resistance.

    I will keep warm, thank you. You keep healthy and take? care.

  14. Lunartrek

    You may well be as knowledgeable as you imply, I choose to believe that you are, but presumptions are counterproductive because perceptions can not be changed so easily through confrontation as they can be through empathy and humility. All persons have an identity and an instinct to protect it; you can not attack and also create peace. It has never happened through any medium that I can think of.
    Drop the need to win or defeat another and simply state your perspective? clearly.

  15. Lunartrek

    One caution to the wise: I? have read many of your comments to others and I suggest only one thing and that is that you consider your words and try to discern which among them may be born of bias or pride. It is not as important for you to win as it is to increase the knowledge and awareness of others. You make a lot of assumptions and I think that may be because you perceive yourself as more righteous than those you choose to address…

  16. Lunartrek

    …and my only hope is that each person considers how they may be wrong before attempting to “fix” another. “Normal” means majority, by any standard, but majority does not necessarily mean right. I hope that all persons can learn to see that before attempting to instruct others in the truths that? they perceive.
    Happy holidays to you as well. I have also not regretted this interaction.

  17. Lunartrek

    It is interesting to note the coincidence of your correspondence with another Alaskan; we’re such a small population, relative to the rest of the US, and it always serves as a pleasant surprise to me.
    I do hope that redpill can help his nephew find peace and satisfaction, in whatever form it may come. Life is a struggle for all involved and it is beneath a? good person to speak poorly of anyone’s attempt to improve the lives of others. We are easily misguided, however…

  18. Lunartrek

    I don’t mean to refute your claims of superiority because how should I know otherwise, but I do know from experience that knowledge, especially “scientific” knowledge is subject to the available measures of it’s time. In short, we only know something until we know better. You are passionate about your beliefs, but, tell me, can you imagine how many were certain that the world was flat before it was certain that it was not? Cliche, perhaps, but? just as valid as any contrast.

  19. imcalledcateyes

    Part of my teams job right now is to dig into this. If you? understand disease you’ll know that all illness starts out as inflammation of the cell and depending and your genome that will determine what cell type is setup. in ADD brain cells are more sensitive. The irony is this inflammation doesn’t have to occur by merely avoiding food sensitivities that an IgG reveals. Anyway, it was nice chatting with you, have a nice holiday and try to stay warm.

  20. imcalledcateyes

    As far as redpill goes, I honestly believe this doctor will help the child, if it turns out to be leaky gut based on IgG panels. Hardly any allergist is applying this test, at least what I’ve found when we solicited data from testing? labs. There’s an allergic condition called delayed reaction sensitivity. It’s the latest buzz and it looks like it might be it, and we’re not just talking ADD here, this may have profound impact on preventive medicine which is hardly applied.

  21. imcalledcateyes

    Well I’m glad you’re off medication, My personal opinion after becoming involved in it deeper is there seems to be alot more to it. I honestly believe the APA and AMA were way out of line and I’m AMA, or at least a participant. By the way, I have a good friend who lives in Alaska. We correspond by email and chat? on skype from time to time. She’s invited me to come visit next summer, I plan on taking her up on her offer.

  22. Lunartrek

    His/her trouble is that he/she gets emotional too easily. Constructive debates/discussions cannot occur under such emotional turmoil. The trouble with a lot of these studies is other people. People tend to forget that these are theories and not entirely fact and that’s the nature of science. People read a new study and it suddenly becomes law. I will choose my own personal experience over the opinions of others every time. ? I know me and they do not. It is that simple.

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