Four Types of Celiac Disease w/ Strikingly Different Symptomatology – Part 2 of 7

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There are 4 types of Celiac Disease, characterized by their differing presentation of symptoms: “Typical,” “Atypical,” “Slient,” and “Latent.” In sum, the symptoms can range from severe digestive problems (including bloating & diarrhea) to joint pain, migraine headaches, anemia, & skin conditions, to NO discomforting symptoms whatsoever.

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  1. thepixieful

    iron pills helped also a whole orange? peeled and put in blender, blend the whole thing except peel, delicious and quite soothing….hope this helps.

  2. thepixieful

    even Bisquick has a gluten free makes a fab waffle. wish the GF products did? NOT cost more.

  3. thepixieful

    all I know? is after decades my pain is gone……takes awhile to adjust diet but it is great food and on line sites for great recipes, google it…..

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