Glamog #4 12/4/12 – I’m A Natural Brunette

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  1. glamwithoutgluten

    that is the main reason I started my channel, because where I live, no support group? at all. and i never wanted others to feel alone like i did. It brings me great joy knowing you can come here so you don’t feel alone at all!!

  2. glamwithoutgluten

    thanks!! 🙂 Glam it,? I shall keep it up!

    And yes, he scared the crap out of me.

  3. Zeke Urrabazo

    I really enjoy watching your videos 🙂 they are very helpful and funny! But I guess my main reason I watch your videos and others with? this disease is for a kinda support group. cuz i was diagnosed with celiac 7 months ago and where I live I can’t find a celiac or gluten free support group anywhere and im the only one in my family that has this disease. so for the past 7 months I turned to your videos and others for guidance and so that I don’t feel like im alone with this disease 🙂

  4. mrdonniedoomsday3


  5. mrdonniedoomsday3

    I feel like ur doing something in the gluten free community I helped me when I was new to this and needed someone ! 🙂 u are surely but slowly helping other and this community:)!! Keep it up glam!! Btw I? laughed so hard when u got scared lol

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