Glamog # 7 12/7/2012 – I was Glutened

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  1. glamwithoutgluten

    Oh wow!! Stupid intestines I? tell ya. 🙂

  2. glamwithoutgluten

    stinkin wheat? I tell ya!!

  3. D Weenie

    yep i know the feeling of what you go through i have ulcertive colitis? or how ever its spelled and the long term use of my meds has caused a similar effect to my intestines that relates to celiac

  4. twilightfan4940

    Stuff like this doesn’t happen often to me but if I eat wheat, it doesn’t give me big stomach aches but it? damages my small intestine

  5. glamwithoutgluten

    thanks girl. I am feeling? better today. Just have to be more careful next time…stupid wheat ninjas!

  6. EZGlutenFree

    You poor thing. ? I feel so bad for you. Hope you’re feeling better soon.

  7. glamwithoutgluten

    thank you! Our lifestyle is not easy and not many understand it, but it is a big eye opener to those that to understand 🙂 I bet you? never knew how MUCH ingredients are in the food we eat.

  8. glamwithoutgluten

    It is so scary because before I was diagnosed I KNEW something was wrong, just did not know what and what I was up against. Then I thought I was? going coo coo ka choo and I was loosing my mind lol.

  9. de1978l

    wow really not familiar with Celiac sorry this happened to you…I do work with a gal that goes Gluten free and if she eats it she feels like? crap It was all new to me I do see items Gluten free and it makes me aware of it in items…

  10. Zeke Urrabazo

    It took the doctor’s months to figure out what was wrong with me and I got extremely sick and lost so much weight I? thought I had cancer or something cuz I was just skin n bones I got down to 118 lbs I thought I was gonna die.

  11. celialurvsunicorns

    Haha such a good vid.? SO TRUE!

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