Gluten and Autoimmunity Explained in 20 Minutes

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  1. Lewis Lydon

    Apart from your excellent point re’ the likely impact of “12,000 years” of selection and active plant breeding on food crops, don’t forget that there might be just a little bit of difference between how we process those foods now vs. our ancestors bashing away with a mortar and pestle…. I think a lot of the problem with the? “modern diet” is that so much of it is so highly processed…. We get a much more massive “hit” (sugars, nutrients etc….) & no doubt earlier in the digestive tract now…

  2. Brandon Angela Grant

    Wow, that was a great video. Explained a lot. I have a son with some bad digestive troubles and although he thrives on a gluten free diet the doctors all day NOT to take him off gluten because he doesn’t test positive for celiac. This video was easy for me to follow and I’m thankful for that. I’m now able to? understand the whole gluten/digestion issue.

  3. shalinsirkar

    Thanks a lot for this. It’s? much appreciated.

  4. WellnessPunks

    Great question and this is the exciting part of some of the newer research. Once you eliminate gluten and health the gut, you can calm down the immune system. I’ve seen countless people reverse many different autoimmune diseases by going gluten free but doing it the right way. In other words, don’t replace all the processed gluten containing foods with processed gluten free foods. I? talk more about that in the 3 part series. Link in the description above.

  5. MattDKong

    Great video! Just a quick question, once the gliadin triggers an immune reaction including memory b cells,? does the process continue to attack the implicated tissue trans.. cells all over your body even if you never eat gluten again? Does the immune system ever forget about gliadin?

  6. JoeHeatherS

    I am so glad I found this video. You explained it in a way that makes sense. I’ve had Hashimoto’s for years? and just found out about this connection to the disease and gluten. I’ve been off gluten for 1 week and have felt a difference already. Can’t wait to check out your other videos.

  7. DogtorJ Symes

    Good work. Happens in animals, too! :-)?

  8. Lisa Ledger

    I was just diagnosed with Hashimoto’s auto-immune thyroid disease. Now my doctor is testing me for the genetic markers that are mentioned in this video. Thank you for explaining what is going on inside my body.?

  9. WellnessPunks

    Thanks very much. Glad you enjoyed? it. 🙂

  10. PintoPonyProductions

    Thanks for the great vid. This is the best short explanation I’ve seen on the subject, thanks for the diagram and the extent to which you reinforce technical terms even after the initial reference. Great? teaching techniques!

  11. sharilynn925

    That was very helpful. Thanks so much for posting that info..

  12. WellnessPunks

    Thanks for watching.? Happy New Year!

  13. gigill68

    Thanks! I think most people are visual learners; the? way you broke it down was great.

  14. tcraig1


  15. WellnessPunks

    Allergies are different from food sensitivities. Certainly there’s inflammation but it’s not quite the same as an autoimmune reaction. The distention in your belly sounds more like a food sensitivity or intolerance.

    Keep a food journal for a? week or so and try to figure out which foods cause you the most problems.

  16. Natasha Laver

    When you have a food allergy does your body respond in the same way? Sending out mast cells to attack not only the allergy? but as well as your body? I have many food sensitivities and every time I eat I get distended.

  17. WellnessPunks

    You do realize that 12,000 is a blink of an eye in evolution right? And if this was the same wheat as 12,000 years ago (Einkorn or Emmer wheat) as opposed to the hybridized and bastardized? semi-dwarf wheat (Pitic 62 and Penjamo 62) we have today, maybe it wouldn’t be an issue for so many people.

    Also, monocropping which is used for things like wheat, soy and corn, is highly unsustainable and devastating for the environment.

    Thanks for watching though. Dumbass.

  18. NewJak14

    Hey everybody, lets all stop eating the very foods we’ve been eating since the dawn of the agricultural revolution 12,000 years ago. The very food that is grown efficiently enough on a small enough patch of land to actually support a large enough population to create civilization. Because its OBVIOUSLY so bad for our? health and wellness. Fck you’re a dumb@ss man.

  19. Matthew McClelland

    Fantastic information!! Do your? friends, family and work colleagues the favor and spread the message. Maybe try sending this to your doctors as well haha

  20. Heather Swanson

    Not a very good video…to? much movement on the part of the speaker, and there was static in the audio. Good information though…

  21. WellnessPunks

    In my opinion, gluten needs to be eliminated for good. However, as he heals, others foods can be gradually reintroduced? and enjoyed. How old is your son?

  22. WellnessPunks

    I think it’s pretty disturbing that doctors don’t think that something like Crohns disease has nothing to do with food. It’s particularly bothersome to know that are giving this horrendous advise for kids. I also know how hard it is to restrict so many foods for kids too but for at least a period of time processed foods, grains, legumes, dairy need to be? eliminated. I know that sounds daunting but until the inflammation is under control, it needs to be that way.

  23. Grecogirl1

    Thanks for breaking it down into an easy to understand process. My son was diagnosed w Crohns disease this year and it has been hard to get any “real” information from the doctors. I was getting told genetic predisposition and luck of the draw. I know diet and nutrition has alot to do with it, but the drs. refuse to agree and say he can eat whatever he wants. All they want him to do is medicate and that is something i dont truly agree with. Any other suggestions? would be appriciated.

  24. McDonaldNACD

    Scratchy audio and dancing around? aside, an excellent video.

  25. tdginter

    Don’t give up.? I lifetime of damage doesn’t heal right away. It’s possible you body is needing some other nutrients that it’s lacking. It may be worth having some labs done to chk all your nutritional stats and levels so see if you’re low on Vit D3, Iron, Vit C, etc. Being low any nutrient the body needs can cause issues. Good luck! I’ve been GF 3 yrs or so. In much better health now. My body is still in recovery mode though.

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