Gluten and Dairy free on a Walmart budget list of GFCF foods found at Walmart.

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Food at Walmart that is gluten free, Dairy free, and Casien free. Gluten-free, Dairy-free, Casien-free. Autism Diet Budget. Cheap ways to go Gluten and Dairy free. Where to buy food.

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  1. pjswifey

    Thanks? so much Cheryl! I am one of those people who are overwhelmed by this GFCF stuff! Baby steps for me…yes, something is better than nothing! Thanks again! 🙂

  2. Julie Garcia

    Thanks for the video 🙂 I really need help because my daughter was diagnosed with celiac disease ….:(?

  3. Della Meadows

    Thank? You So Much

  4. Cheryl Walser

    🙂 Thank you I love comments like? this! I am trying to make videos with information that I wish I had 7 years ago. My videos would have really helped me too hahahahaha. If there is any questions you have ask and I’ll do what I can to help you out. I message you some contact info.

  5. Della Meadows

    Thanks, I will have to check out that video, I’m new? and still learning and tryn to figure out brands that are worth the money, I really like this video and the one about buying on Amazon, it has helped alot, thanks for all your work

  6. Cheryl Walser

    Honestly it isn’t that great. I have another video called “Gluten & Dairy Free by your next meal!” Where I show you how to? make vanilla or chocolate pudding with blended over ripe bananas which is the best GFCF pudding i have ever tried. Super easy Recipe

  7. Della Meadows

    Is the cocunut pudding good?? (does it taste good)

  8. Cheryl Walser

    You may want to check out my other videos “Gluten &? Dairy Free by your next meal!” or “Gluten & Dairy free breaded fried Chicken Nuggets.” The ingredients are much better! I plan on posting other videos with recipes that progressively get more and more nutrient dense. Thanks for your comment!

  9. Cheryl Walser

    I 100% agree with you &? while I do list items in this video that do contain these ingredients I do not recommend them. I have talked to a lot of parents who refuse to even think about doing the diet because they are overwhelmed. This video is intended to meet people where they are and cut down on overwhelm. Doing something is better than nothing. Some people need baby steps.

  10. j black

    gluten and dairy free is a good way to go but you must not forget, red40, blue 1,red4 are not good for kids with AUTISM or normal kids or that matter just to put it out there im working on a? diet for my son to help reverse his autism

  11. Cheryl Walser

    everything I have posted is both Gluten and dairy free.? So yes they are dairy free.

  12. Cheryl Walser

    Everything I have? talked about in this video is gluten and dairy free including those mixes you asked about. Always check the labels yourself because you never know if they have changed their ingredients. Ingredient lists don’t often change but it has happened so I will check every now and then to make sure they are the same. Usually they are. 🙂

  13. Justine Garcia

    The french bread mix and other muffin mixes do they have dairy in the mixes? I know they say? gluten free but are they dairy free?

  14. kitkat2829

    Fritos actually has wheat in it so do certain types of lays potatoe chips in the seasonings? so read ingredients before you buy

  15. imanerd36

    Good tips, but at 0:51 you said Rice Krispy Treats, but regular RICE KRISPIES ARE **NOT** GLUTEN FREE (they contain “malt flavoring” which contains gluten). Kellogg’s does make a gluten free variety of Rice Krispies? , but they are specially labeled as such.

  16. 911tmc5

    I agree on this they do have wheat…try the Chex brand- Rice and Corn. Honey Nut are great. Gluten dairy free. ?

  17. yewsernaim

    I appreciate this. We do a lot of unprocessed foods, but we just need some? products for things like lunches. Now I don’t have to go through walmart hunting things down. Thank you for the list. We are gluten, dairy and sugar free starting next week and although we won’t use many of the items you listed, I’m glad to know all of these and have gleaned some good products from the list.

  18. chipndee31790

    Wow, a huge list for people to start out with! Thank you for? showing the actual products you purchase!

  19. Cheryl Walser

    No you are correct! I listed everything I knew of that was gluten and dairy free whether I used it or not. I created this video as a first step for the shift out of gluten and dairy. I have met a lot of people who needed baby? steps. I personally steer clear of processed foods but that is where I started 5 years ago and it made enough of a difference for it to be worth it to me to make the full transition to whole foods.

  20. dhriti basu mallik

    Hi, I see you are using? some processed foods, I had a feeling that no processed food should be used with Children with Autism. Does this mean I know wrong.

  21. Cheryl Walser

    You are right.? Companies change the ingredients in their products sometimes so if it isn’t certified gluten free you should keep checking the labels.

  22. DuneganFamily

    I also googled the ingredients and it does list wheat plain? as day

  23. DuneganFamily

    I went yesterday? to buy the reeses puffs and they have wheat….

  24. PsyChiMom

    Wow? Awesome!

  25. lesly137

    Great Video thank you! i’ve already lost? 15 pounds from using this diet!

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