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Posted on What People Are Saying about 51 Amazing Gluten-Free Appetizer Recipes: ***** “I am having a diner party and my guests do not eat any gluten. This is just what I needed! Great book!” – Charles Frank ***** “One of the best features of these recipes is that they don’t shout ‘look at me, I’m on a special diet!’, so can be served to absolutely everyone at a party without the gluten free guest feeling awkward – nicely done Suzanne!” – Daniel Wiggs ***** “This book is well put together and has some really excellent recipes. It is simple and easy to read and the author appears to be well versed in the subject matter. It provides some unique but interesting recipes that I haven’t seen anywhere else before but they are still made with everyday ingredients. I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for great appetizer recipes, even if they don’t have to follow a gluten-free diet.” -Marg Ruttan, Best-Selling Cookbook Author ***** “I picked up this book as my son seems to have a gluten intolerance. So far he’s loved the recipes that I’ve made him (which is amazing as he’s rather picky!) I read that the Author has 3 kids herself so I think that these have been tried and tested on kids before – A major bonus when you have picky kids. Looking forward to making more of the recipes, I thought that changing to gluten-free would be hard, but using this book has made it easy – Thank you!” – Tracey ***** “Wow…I got hungry just reading this book! There are a ton of great

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