GLUTEN FREE: BITES & BOOZE with Alex Thomopoulos is coming to Hungry!

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Gluten-free cooking doesn’t mean that your food should be lacking in flavor and excitement, and Alex Thomopoulos knows the rules to keeping your meals fresh and fun! As an ex-Comic turned Chef, Alex shares her tips and recipes for delectable gluten-free fare and cocktails perfect for any meal – whether its everyday eating or entertaining friends. Subscribe to Hungry for more Bites & Booze! Find us on Facebook! And check us out on Twitter! Alex’s website: Tweet at Alex: ?@AlexThomopoulos –

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  1. Alex Thomopoulos

    it is!!!? it is!!!:)

  2. Maggi12310

    I can’t wait for your recipes. Is everything u do gluten free?? My son has a sensitivity to gluten. So if this is all gluten free I would love that so much 🙂

  3. Tolly Moseley

    Love this!! Alex? looks hilarious and adorable. Very REAL. Can’t wait to watch!

  4. SunnyMuffinsRox

    cant wait? till she airs!

  5. Miaka Luckystar

    yay!!!! welcome!!!! :D?

  6. Alex Thomopoulos

    it comes out on Saturday:)? Thanks for liking my show!!!:)

  7. TheATShoww

    If she hosted? her own tv show, I would watch it! 😀

  8. Miaka Luckystar

    Omg pls upload her ep soon! Love a chef that jokes ard in the kitchen but serious at the same time?

  9. derekbegins

    Omgosh! Cant wait
    For this one!?

  10. joancover0389

    i got here because of laura i think shes great but common asking for so much laura is like saying the other shows are not godd? and they are GREAT!! I LOVE ALMOST EVERYONE IN THIS CHANNEL , OK EVERYONE HAHA so dont be an ass and go to lauras channel if you wanna see her or stay here and watch all the amazing shows!

  11. Alex Thomopoulos


  12. Alex Thomopoulos

    yes JOY THE BAKER! She is my favorite lady in the whole wide world and one of my most cherished friends:) she? was kind enough to come help me on the show I was SO nervous!

  13. neilradlett

    Epic show is epic. Can’t? wait.

  14. iwannatravelthewurld

    I? think this would turn out to be a great show!

  15. tiffaniwin

    Joy? the Baker?!!

  16. Alex Thomopoulos

    YOU seem like a? cool chick! SO HURRAH! Thanks for liking the show:) I am SO excited for it:) Happy Tuesday to you!!!

  17. Missyplaymate3

    I cant wait for the new show. Alex seems like a cool chick. I love all your other shows too. Keep up the? great work guys.

  18. lovesunshine101

    Hey Hungry Channel! Could you put some vegeterian recipes! 🙂 Thanks!?

  19. DanielleBisutti

    I can’t wait to try all of these recipes as I TOO have an intolerance for Gluten!! I also have an intolerance? for intolerant people. Wait……..

  20. Alex Thomopoulos

    woooohoooo!!!! yaaayyy! I am excited for? you to see it:)

  21. Alex Thomopoulos

    I don’t know:( whatever,? it will be a blast, and those people ain’t invited to the partttttaaaayyyy

  22. Alex Thomopoulos

    thank you! I am? so happy:)

  23. Titus2Chic

    Like wow, I’m totally excited about this show! Whoo? hoo!!!

  24. ali29ac

    What? the hell??? Who doesn’t like this show????? -.-

  25. miyukipg

    Hey! You seem very entertaining! Im looking forward? to your show!

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