Gluten Free Bread Infotainment

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The struggles and alaysis that I go through….

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  1. RiverFyre

    Bread alchemy with a “Peep Show” perspective, love it!! Thankyou for this and ‘the other breadcult follower’ vid Nick, for? I am the other bread cult follower lol, plenty of food for thought (terrible pun, just terrible I know 🙂

  2. BespokeGroupUK

    Strange thing is, i wanted to spend a afternoon away from the computer and away from Bread, so i went out to see some friends and I met a guy who is also gluten intolerent and he taught me more about Xanthan gum and how to use it? to make BREAD……. I CAN’T GET AWAY FROM THE BREAD!!!!! . . . . . it’s following me now . . . . AAAArrrrGGGGGhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!

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