Gluten-Free Bread Making PART 1.. The Adventures of Silly-Act Sam

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A fun short film in 2 PARTS showing the 15 year effort to produce a decent gluten-free bread. Some early success was followed by years of failure before fina…

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  1. Lansellcottage

    Hey….. imagine the time we lost by making this!
    Seriously, we deserved some reflective and playful moments after years of fruitless effort and we’ve finally found something to celebrate. Flours, measurements and baking times? are at lansellcottage website.

  2. ReliquaryPrime

    Ok, this is beyond stupid. I wasted? the 9 minutes on the first one, and gave no useful information. I want flours, and measurements and baking times. Not an episode of “Hee-Haw”.

  3. Lansellcottage

    Yes RCGagain, we feel? your pain……

  4. RCGagain

    This is soooo how it is. I have been diagnosed with celiac? for 17 years (’94) and am still working on perfecting a baguette today….4 years after trying to start writing a cookbook.

  5. kellynolan82

    My friend just made a post on something she saw online about a potential cure for gluten intolerance (NOT the vaccine!) and celiacs it seems to work for just about everyone with gluten issues. I don’t know about its ‘true’ validity, however I’d say it’s worth at least looking into. Leave your comments! She’d like to hear of your thoughts at

    >> (slash) p1244N-6k

    and there’s even a YouTube video. Let us know what you think.?

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