Gluten free bread making with real dough… finally!

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15 years of research and over 800 trial loaves and we can now make gluten free bread with a flexible wheat-like dough. Anyone can easily make these breads at home with minimal equipment and just 2-3 minutes hand mix, a rise and a bake. Soft light breads of any shape which are great for sandwiches even the day after baking were some of our aims to help solve kids lunch problems. For more photos check out http and FGRoberts who are the Australian and New Zealand manufacturers and suppliers

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  1. Lansellcottage

    We’ll? let you know thru this site and all those hangin out for it on our customer lists we’ve kept.
    Sorry I can’t help till then.

  2. Kennyferny

    Is there some? where we can get updates for the US?

  3. Bourne2bwild1989

    Really? I’m sorry, but you shouldn’t berate someone who is? trying to help you. All of their ingredients are CLEARLY listed on the right side of their website.

    INGREDIENTS: maize starch, rice flour, soy flour, veg. fibre, dextrose, thickener E464, salt, thiamine, enzyme.

  4. Lansellcottage

    Vadim, if you email us from our website at lansellcottage we can continue the conversation? there to answer your concerns.

  5. vadim367

    I have visited your website.
    As far I understood you are using the “FG Roberts Cottage Loaf Mix”, instead of regular flour. Right?

    But what are the ingredients of “FG Roberts Cottage Loaf Mix” ???
    And how? save they are for the health?


  6. Lansellcottage

    No rye Vadim. Rye has gluten.
    For our list of ingredients,? visit our website home page down the right side.
    Web page link is below video above these messages.

  7. vadim367

    How can you make sure is gluten free?

    What do you use instead wheat? flour? Rey?

  8. Lansellcottage

    Hello Vadim,
    Our bread has no gluten or wheat in? it.
    Yes it is very like bread with gluten but we assure you, it is 100% gluten free.

  9. vadim367

    Why your bread called “Gluten free”?
    It’s just a regular recepie of? a bread!
    Please explain…

  10. Lansellcottage

    Sorry? to hear of your family situation with gluten sensitivity and hope to be able to help sometime down the track.

  11. x1MissWorld1x

    I? wish this was available in the UAE (Middle East).. Would make my life easier.. My family is Gluten sensitive, so normal breads don’t have a pleasant effect on us

  12. Lansellcottage

    Hello cyncybz,
    We’re still looking into establishing the product? in North America after much interest from there.
    We are currently negotiating with a bakery in Calgary and will keep you informed if it becomes available there.

  13. cyncybz

    Can we get it in Canada please? I live on the West Coast? (Vancouver Island)

  14. Lansellcottage

    We’re working on it Nikki but not everything is plain? sailing with exporting/importing.
    Stay tuned.

  15. NikkiStutzman

    OMG!! I wish? this were available in the US! I want to sit down with a warm loaf of that bread and a stick of butter!!

    Please, Please, PLEASE get this stuff into the states or at least on Amazon!!

  16. Lansellcottage

    Thankyou and yes we are killing ourselves!!! by eating too much of it and trying to provide for an explosion in demand.
    We’ve got South Africa on our radar for down the track as well but can’t give you any? time frame.

  17. somethingdiffere1000

    WOW! You should also export to South Africa, I’d? kill for this stuff! As a gluten free baker this bread is unbelievable!!!

  18. kellynolan82

    My friend just made a post on something she saw online about a potential cure for gluten intolerance (NOT the vaccine!) and celiacs it seems to work for just about everyone with gluten issues. I don’t know about its ‘true’ validity, however I’d say it’s worth at least looking into. Leave your comments! She’d like to hear of your thoughts at

    >> (slash) p1244N-6k

    and there’s even a YouTube video. Let us know what you think.?

  19. Lansellcottage

    We’re working on it as hard as we? can… there just aren’t enough hours in the day!

    Thanks too for your interest

  20. Twomonthago

    Please bring? to U.S even mail order.

  21. Lansellcottage

    Thanks maLOLani,
    We’re working very hard getting things set-up here in Oz for higher production and wider distribution…. so we can then look seriously at the U.S. where we’ve? had so much interest shown.
    We’re really sorry we can’t do much for you till then.

  22. maLOLani

    This bread looks glorious!! You really must start selling in the US. I’m somewhat desperate to try it… Look at that texture! Boggling my mind right now.?

  23. Lansellcottage

    Hi ebotica,
    check out
    These are supposed to be? the NZ distributors.

  24. ebotica

    Hi, I’d love to have your flour in New Zealand,? it seems like the best ever I’ve come across so far.

  25. Lansellcottage

    jbartlett8….3 Thanks for your interest!
    I’ve sent you a message on your email about? possible deliveries to the UK as we haven’t yet set up international distributors.

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