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Jules Shepard, gluten-free cookbook author, shows how to make gluten free bread that is so good, you won’t even know it’s gluten free! JGF Flour can be ordered on: Check out her website at for more recipes, tips, and how to purchase her All-Purpose Gluten-Free Flour and Cookbook. Also, Check out the NEW facebook page Jules Gluten Free Flour ( and search Jules Gluten Free Flour) for more information Recipe Shown 1 tsp. apple cider vinegar 1/4 cup canola oil 2 T honey 1 T granulated cane sugar 2 T ground flaxseed 1/2 cup very hot water 1 cup vanilla yogurt (dairy or soy) 3 1/4 cups Nearly Normal All Purpose Flour* 1/2 tsp. baking soda 2 tsp. baking powder pinch of salt 1 T flaxseeds 1 T rapid rise or bread machine yeast Toppings of choice (coarse sea salt, sesame seeds, flaxseeds) *I cannot predict how this recipe will work with any other flour mixture but Jules Gluten Free Flour Directions: Add all liquid ingredients to the pan first, followed by the dry ingredients. I recommend sifting all dry ingredients together in a bowl first, then pouring it into the bread machine pan. Reserve yeast for last in bread machines, making a small well in top of the dry ingredients in the pan, and pouring the yeast into the well. Select either the gluten-free bread setting on your machine, or the quickest bake setting like a light crust 1 1/2 pound loaf. Remove the pan from the machine as soon as it is finished baking.

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  1. NewAgeDirector

    Great video keep up the? good work.

  2. FrugalandLazyCook

    Jules -? I’m stumbling on your videos everywhere – Great Content again. And GF bread is only getting better.

  3. qupia

    She just has a soft voice turn your speakers up,? nice video

  4. sundara1999

    I am German ( thus a non-native speaker of English) and I can understand her? pretty well..

  5. rhondashillabeer

    I come from Australia and can understand her very well -? strange – perhaps hairykiore needs to chill and stick to the reasons you logged in.

  6. hairykiore

    @pdhahan ..Is she …But then you? are North American

  7. pdhahan

    @hairykiore She is speaking fine…I understand her? perfectly

  8. MetaView7

    nice? window view

  9. MetaView7

    don’t hit the pan with your? spatula !!!

  10. hairykiore

    I come from an English speaking country and I? cannot understand anything she is saying ..I note this in many of the Gluten Free videos on Youtube ,the audio is poorly recorded and the presenter speaks far too fast …HK

  11. 4886462

    Add the salt directly to the? liquids and not with the yeast and dry flour. Salt and yeast together with dry ingredients affects the action of the yeast. I read this on the packaging on the yeast.

  12. DoubleTakeDiets

    This bread looks yummy. It would work well with our gluten-free? crostinis.

    Take a look at our new episode on simple snacks for more Gluten-Free recipes. We also have a breakfast quiche and pancakes that will knock your mittens off!

  13. mauricio1987m

    Different and delicious recipes for? your bread machine to make the blog only bread machine, go to:

  14. mnmwilson1

    this is great for kids? with adhd also a.d.d. cutting Gluten helps alot

  15. hipretty

    Thanks for replying…i don’t mind the last few mishapen pieces so much…french toast is good gluten free :-). Thank goodness my machine does hold onto the paddle when it releases the bread. I do know some people pull out the loaf with the paddle imbedded! My machine does not do? that!

  16. glutenfreeandhappy

    Jules has a? web site with recipes or just google gluten free bread.

  17. glutenfreeandhappy

    if you use Jules nearly normal GLUTEN FREE FLOUR it is? gluten free!

  18. glutenfreeandhappy

    Yes, that is one way to do this. I actually find it easier to just push the dough aside or uncover the paddle with a rubber spatula and reach in to remove the paddle. Yup, your hands will get gooey! Bread making is hands on. Just wash your hands, and then use the spatula dipped in water or soda water to smooth out the top of your loaf. Resist the urge? to open the bread maker while it is cooking so the temperature remains constant in the machine and the bread cooks all the way through.

  19. hipretty

    My paddle stays in the machine when I tip over my bread pan. But it does make a strange hole in the last few slices. how do you remove the? paddle before baking, when the paddle is inside the pan with the raw dough? Are you scraping out the dough, removing the paddle then putting it back in?

  20. hipretty

    she never gave the? measurement for the potato starch.

  21. Chunkybutts

    HI Jules can you recommend a good bread machine for the purpose of making gluten free bread? what’s? machine did you use in this video?

  22. jmshaath


  23. doubleg48

    Did some of you miss? something? She said that on the previous video she had demonstrated how to make what she calls her all purpose flour mixture. It is not wheat. She is merely calling it that because it serves “all purposes”. On that video she does give measurements for the flour ingredients. It is very simple.

  24. 0944sweetpea

    the all purpose flour she refers to is a special mix from her cookbook and is gluten? free.

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