Gluten free bread rolls, vegan burgers and homemade chips (french fries) (Part 1)

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Learn how to make a complete meal – gluten free bread rolls burger buns, vegan burgers and homemade crinkle cut oven chips. The recipes are quick and easy to follow and make. Great comfort food. Recipe is gluten free, dairy free, sugar free and egg free. RECIPE FOR BREAD IN CUPS, use 4 cups rice flour and 1 and 5/8th of water. Part 2: To order a copy of the book “A Recipe for Health by Anette Martinsen” go to or from

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  1. hipretty

    If my gf dough was as gorgeous and pliable..i’d? be kneading it too, just because I can. I come from a long line of Bakers, and one thing I miss about baking GF is that the dough is not kneadable. What a wonderful texture this dough is. Most GF doughs are like batter or paste-y, there isn’t that wonderful pliable stretchiness I am seeing here. Amazing Anette!!!

  2. TheaDragonSpirit

    Lazy =? efficient.

  3. AnetteMartinsen

    Yes!? I don’t understand why people have to do that, I would like people to keep that to themselves. I am only trying to help. If people don’t like it – then don’t watch! Thanks for your support 🙂

  4. Pug40

    2? stupid people have disliked this wonderful video

  5. kellynolan82

    My friend just made a post on something she saw online about a potential cure for gluten intolerance (NOT the vaccine!) and celiacs it seems to work for just about everyone with gluten issues. I don’t know about its ‘true’ validity,? however I’d say it’s worth at least looking into. Leave your comments! She’d like to hear of your thoughts at

    >> (slash) p1244N-6k

    and there’s even a YouTube video. Let us know what you? think.

  6. AnetteMartinsen

    I tried to give? you the link but it didn’t work
    If you look on the right hand side of this page you will find it
    or go to my channel

  7. AnetteMartinsen

    Try this…

  8. Seyahhsod

    PART II?
    PART II :


  9. Seyahhsod


    has? been removed !

  10. Seyahhsod


    dose not? work.

  11. Seyahhsod

    Im going to try this…

    (I must admit… I expected you to sing XxanadU? or Waterloo a the end! )

  12. hipretty

    PS My great grandmother had a bakery & I used to love to baks. I do now bake much of my GF foods rather than purchase prepackaged. But… one? of the things not enjoyable is that GF dough in the states? is not “dough-y” and does NOT knead! Kneading dough is a pleasurable experience…kneading dough is cathartic! Are you using a purchased brand of flour mix or is this your own mix ratio that you provide in your book? I would LOVE to enjoy baking again. Thank you! 🙂 Health & Blessings!

  13. hipretty

    OMG Annette first of all I have to say I watched your monologue it was wonderful! 😀 Secondly I am blown away watching you “knead” (KNEAD?) your GF dough!!!!!!!! Here in the states GF “dough” is not kneadable like this it is more like stir-able like pancake batter or not as stir-able like stiffer? pancake batter. In 10 years of eating GF ( the last 4 cooking GF for my youngest) I have never seen dough as gorgeous as yours! 🙂 Health & Blessings!

  14. AnetteMartinsen

    You can see? the results in part 2

  15. JCassidy3383

    Salt is used to control the yeast in most recipies, it is optional? sometimes.

  16. JCassidy3383

    There is no need to knead Gluten Free bread. Kneading traditional wheat bread is to build up the gluten protein. Since there is none, there is no need to knead, unless you are doing it to better incorporate your ingredients. Are you using any gums to help hold the? mix together, Xanthan or Guar gum? Or is it the sweet variety of white rice flour? Why didn’t you show the results after baking?

  17. MrJoch731


  18. AnetteMartinsen

    Hi, try using a little more water.
    I use luke warm? water
    Hope that helps

  19. MrJoch731

    I tried to do the receipe and when kneading the dough it broke apart and wasn’t? sticky. Also, what temp should the water be? Thank you!! I just found out I have celiac….

  20. AnetteMartinsen

    You can if you want its up to you
    I put salt sometimes – depends on who I am baking/cooking for
    Hope that helps?

  21. ebotica

    Hi, did I miss something, don’t you use any? salt? Thanks.

  22. AnetteMartinsen

    Thanks :)?

  23. edmundomouet

    so its 10 seconds into the video? and i already thumbs uped it.
    i love the headline and the music is by moby, who is also vegan!
    so its already a winner in my book.

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