Gluten Free Bread Zombie from 10/1/12

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  1. MsSassykiwi

    yea for Sean!!!!?

  2. MsSassykiwi

    `you have me hooked on the pesto? lol thanks for sharing

  3. Alex Mahogandy

    I celebrated vegetarian day 🙂 and that was such a cool bracelet idea that Kristin made, I think I might make a? similar one! And yay for Sean 🙂 I love when you show Sean and Kristin in the vlogs xoxo

  4. 2yearsnew

    That sure was “Fine” what Sean answered. Love that you shared? this with us!

  5. britgrliam

    Stuck in a? drive thru. Glad delly is ok. Sean!! That’s awesome! Beads are beaut!

  6. gooseblack12

    Aw poor Mark lol?

  7. kennettian

    Wow! ? Way to go Sean!!!!!! Maybe that gluten free is working wonders Janet.

  8. Lara Abdallah

    Yay Sean! Love the bracelet? Kristin.

  9. kday100

    That is so great for Sean!? I love that bracelet, Kristin!

  10. louie8390

    That? was too cool hearing Sean respond differently to “how was school” 🙂 That bread looked so good! Also, fwiw, I thought the Iphone video/sound quality was really, really good–plus, it will automatically do micro. Just my two cents

  11. MiMi DeV

    great vid as usual! Janet have you tried the artichoke pasta by Boles? It? is delicious! I bought it at SR awhile back. Not sure if all SR carry it or not.

  12. Lea2009

    yay? Sean! That was awesome. and the bread looks amazing

  13. mshealthfirst

    that braclet Kristen was talking about, is great, I think I would use it for each day I stay on my diet, that would be a great visual. I also love it as a Catholic bracelet too… would make a great confirmation gift…is she selling those kind of bracelet too?? I do know how huge it is that Sean said “fine” rather than the usua answerl… whenever my grandson has similar victories, my heart dances!! what a great husband who wakes up to taste your baking !!!

  14. robbieLUVZdianne

    The bread looks amazing!?

  15. finally39

    Janet, I know this sounds crazy, but? I think your husband looks a lot like Tom B. from Dancing with the Stars.

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