Gluten Free Diet helps resolve depression

Posted on This young woman was able to conquer her depression with nutritional supplementation and a gluten free diet.

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  1. Cypressmyst

    I will also throw my voice into the wind. After 3 months 100% gluten free that little black cloud is gone. The world is bright and beautiful. 🙂 It’s the gluten my friends and if me, a Guinness loving pan pizza girl can? do it I think anyone can. Best wishes to you all! 😀

  2. skyhighkyguy

    you? sound like me (hopefully) a month from now. my doc thinks im gluten intolerant as well and at first i told her i wasnt cuz i had gone off grains for 3 weeks with no improvement in depression. then i realized i had been drinking plenty of beer that whole time so it could easily still have been gluten, here’s hoping i get better once im off gluten as well 🙂

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