Gluten Free Diet Testimonial – Ankylosing Spondylitis, Uveitis, and Asthma Defeated

Posted on For more gluten free testimonials. Nancy shares her gluten free journey defeating ankylosing spondylitis, uveitis, and much more.

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  1. maciejwrotek

    had asthma when? i was a little kid, it was called bronchial asthma (beginning of asthma) but i took inhaled steroids. Later it decreased, but i always had problems with breathing. I wonder i gluten? free diet could help me. I also have allergies and acne.

  2. rockcityaudio

    look up? if your sick,no fees at all.get healed for? free!nothing to lose only your sickness!,master Tao is the most amazing man ever!100% true!

  3. fffffff1501

    Thanks for sharing, I wish you would make a brief version update about your ongoing response to going gluten free & eventually grain? free, if it continues to place your AS /Iritis into complete remission & mention? dairy free as well. Now that it’s been a year – how are you feeling today?! Thanks again!

  4. utube247

    Thank you for your testimonial. I am now seeing the eye doctor for what may be uveitis. Because of your video, I am now considering changing my diet. Can you? send me info about Doctor Osborn. Thanks again.

  5. MrDACooling

    Thank you so much for being so? honest

  6. mrtruthforever

    Thanks for posting this very? informative video.

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