Gluten Free Diets : Gluten Free Food Negatives

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One of the main con’s of gluten free food is taste. Learn more about the negatives of gluten free food with expert tips on celiac disease in this free nutrition video. Expert: Sharon Powell Bio: Sharon Powell is a mother of a five year old son who has a gluten intolerance. Filmmaker: Reggie Hayes

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  1. Lillyoncp

    I hate? how i cant eat ANYTHING with wheat.
    almost everything tastes like crap 🙁
    i have it, my side effects are:
    horrid stomach craps, abdominal joint pain, and severe headaches.

    but i always wish i can just have a cookie….

  2. parteperdiz

    @omni008 This just in wheat now contains more gluten than wheat centuries ago. Just because you can eat gluten doesn’t? mean everyone can.

  3. silknirdesh

    Holla! Have you tried intellectus 424 diet (google it)? Ive heard some awesome things? about it and my buddy lost a ton of weight with it.

  4. praveensalinda

    Hello there! Have you considered cleverous 402 diet (just google it)? Ive heard some incredible things about it and my cousin lost crazy amounts? of weight with it.

  5. omni008

    This just? in. Wheat kept mankind alive for centuries.

  6. Summerlife2011

    It makes? me angry as well when people don’t take Gluten Intolerance seriously.

  7. DrOli

    I’ve found that? the best gluten free bread I’ve ever had is better than normal bread. However, this costs me £5 a loaf, which is about $7-8 I think. It’s worth it though, just have to ration it slightly.

  8. budzag

    What a nice mother she is.?

  9. Cypressmyst

    I do empathize with you and people not getting the severity of it. Frustrating to say the least. But why not foster a love of fruits, veggies and real meat in your son at an early age? Save you having to buy specialty stuff as much ya know? And its healthier for him.
    Also it isn’t a disorder, no one can handle gluten, your son just has an acute reaction rather then a silent one. He is? one of the lucky ones to have cut it out before it can do permanent damage to his body. You are a great Mom! 🙂

  10. free2rhyme214

    I use salsa. It’s not difficult to? flavor food.

  11. carlosa507

    I so agree with people not understanding. It’s so unfortunate and quite annoying when people simply cannot respect what you are telling? them.

  12. CeliacReviews

    Hello everyone, I just created a website for people with celiac, the site is still under construction but the forums are up and running and I would love to build a nice community? within those forums. I am working on building a database with all gluten-free food as well. Check it out at celiacreviews()com with () being the dot of course “.”

  13. stoffelskake

    i`m verry lukky. i life in Norway and here you find lot of products in the regular store without gluten. eben a bakingmix that is verry common? to use in birthdaycakes. i also can drive to mcdonalds and dolly dimpels to get glutenfree lunsj for my son.

  14. paulrpmg

    true enough… i? know how it feels to constantly explain and re-explain to people that it’s important not to have a crumb of it.

  15. ncfwhitetigress

    agreed! the only advantage to wheat is that it’s non perishable and has kept human? beings alive through famines. we’re not in a famine right now so we should be eating REAL food as much as possible aka lean meats, seafood, vegetables, fruit, seeds, nuts, etc…

  16. 1029blue

    I would consider not being able to eat fast food a big pro. Celiac disease has forced me to learn how to cook and bake much earlier than all of my friends have, and my awareness about nutrients and food ingredients is much greater as well. Most people don’t even know what’s in the stuff that they are eating. I would consider not being able to be very spontaneous about eating out at? reataurants a con, although I rarely eat out anyway.

  17. hipretty

    I agree with all of the above. A pro- is feeling healthy again… a? con-…never feeling normal again (as in life will never the same again!)

  18. celinalfoods

    Misinformation on? labels. With the label laws of 2006 wheat is a required label ingredient and does not hide in modified food starch any longer.

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