Gluten Free Diets : Improving Taste for Gluten Free Food

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There are several ways to improve the taste of gluten free food. Learn how to make gluten free food taste better with expert tips on celiac disease in this free nutrition video. Expert: Sharon Powell Bio: Sharon Powell is a mother of a five year old son who has a gluten intolerance. Filmmaker: Reggie Hayes

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  1. SmoshLover1211

    I have celiac disease and im kinda under weight.. I don’t know why I eat normal? I’ve had it ever since? I was 7

  2. jadeshing

    that sounds funny..not so good 😀 nice video?

  3. satrapy27

    I love listening to this, its so? comforting and motivating.

  4. glutenfreeandhappy

    with all due respect, a ketchup with DISTILLED vinegar is considered gluten free…try Heinz brand ketchup or simply read the label of? your favorite to keep your loved ones safe and gluten free.

  5. petachick93

    Hey great celiac video.
    check out my celiac song.
    I? rated yours 5 stars please do the same for mine.

  6. gabsylv

    I’ve heard there is? gluten in ketchup. Any idea?

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