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  1. RubySOHOxx

    i love this video 🙂 because of my? tummy i end up having to eat alot of gluten free products!

  2. musicjunkie094

    There is a gluten free chex mix cereal and if you break up the pieces and add spices it is a great way to bread chicken to bake and it is a lot cheaper? than your bread crumbs

  3. supsupsweaters

    you do? look a lot thinner:)

  4. cupcakesandscissors

    i’m glad you and your mom both like the video 🙂 i haven’t attempted too much gluten free baking yet… just betty crocker cookies from a box but i really want? to try! xo

  5. cupcakesandscissors

    yeah it really isn’t so bad! glad you liked the video :)?

  6. cupcakesandscissors

    i’ve been addicted to them forever, before i had a gluten? issue and i’m the same way, i’ve never been a vegetarian just tried them one day and loved them

  7. cupcakesandscissors

    i’m glad you liked the video, you can get the california burgers in non-gluten free version too, both taste pretty much? exactly the same

  8. cupcakesandscissors

    they are so good! both the gluten free and? normal ones! by far my favorite veggie burgers

  9. cupcakesandscissors

    oh really!? thanks so much, where do you get those?

  10. BethanyyJonas

    my mums a celiac and she finds this series so helpful! thank you 🙂
    have you done a gluten free? baking?
    love your videos! xx

  11. roamy83

    I lovelove learning abt this! My coworker is trying to be gluten free, seems impossible until you learn what? to eat!

  12. lilyfleur7

    i love those veggie? burgers. i’m not even vegetarian or gluten free but they’re so yummy.

  13. Skye525

    I don’t have any food allergies, but this video was interesting.
    The frozen california burgers and? crackers sound good.

  14. FldHkyGrl09

    This is soooo helpful!? Thank you so much<3

  15. yogangel7

    thanks so? much I can’t wait to try the veggie burgers

  16. pinkychachacha

    btw if u need a sugar fix? kinicknick has the best donuts ever!! i was never a donut eater but these are so good. they taste and feel ‘normal’

  17. pinkychachacha

    yeaaaa!! finalllyyy!!!! soooo vid responsing this!!! hey will u please check out my? vids?i think ur awesome btw

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