Gluten Free Lina Cooking for your Family – Chocolate Chip Cookies

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Ana-Tommy, LLC presents the second episode of “Gluten Free Cooking for Your Family” with Lina E. This episode features how to bake delicious gluten free chocolate chip cookies. In the series Lina will help you find easy to make, great tasting Gluten free meals for you to enjoy. For those relegated to a Gluten free diet, she will take out the inconvenience and expense of you buying Gluten free products lacking in flavor that end up being discarded. The whole family can enjoy these meals thus avoiding having to cook different meals for those not on this type of diet.

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  1. catmasterp

    Just had Lina’s gluten free Baja Style fish tacos. The best fish tacos I’ve had north of the border! Those who know her would agree, with Lina it’s all about flavor, Those with gluten sensitivities have found someone who is putting taste back into? their food. No longer having to put up with tasteless, sandy meals. Stand by for her cookbook!

  2. catmasterp

    They taste? very good! Way better than the gluten free ones at the market.

  3. anatommyllc

    Let me know how they come out. Thanks for checking out? the video.

  4. cookiechevia

    I’m going to make? these…..Yummy!

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