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  1. VaqueritaLatina

    Hi Brenda 🙂 Are you saying “Almond Cheese,” or am I hearing? that incorrectly? Going to have to try this for sure. I’m following a low carb/paleo type of diet and I think this could work for me. I have PCOS so my body is super bad with white flour/wheat flour stuff. Thoughts? PS- I dance with my dogs too!

  2. hiccup86

    You’re so informed about nutrition and give such sound advice. I love that you explain the science behind food, and don’t? just say, “Don’t eat this.” You say why and what it does to your body when you do eat it. Your videos are fantastic!! I love them all!!!

  3. MegaSthlm1

    Hej, what is your opinion? on spelt?

  4. moimeli2690

    mmmmmm this looks tastyy!!?

  5. cvjskibum12

    Hey Brenda! I am highly intolerant to eggs. Could I use “flax eggs” instead (flax mixed with water)? Your videos are AWESOME! Thanks for all of your? advice and inspiration!

  6. Korina GUE

    Wow! These pizza looks delicious? thanks

  7. James Bradley

    get off dairy too folks ;)?

  8. 47skittles

    Thankyou for posting this!! I’ve been looking for ways to use those healthy alternative flours but cooking with them is so different. I’d love if you did a healthy banana bread? video 🙂 And possible something using Quinoa flour. Thanks !!

  9. MsKimlo

    Great video!!!?

  10. Hoddy228

    yep-gonna make this next time? i’m craving pizza!!! 🙂 Thanks and I love your videos so much! Seriously-you have helped me bring my health and fitness journey full circle! 🙂

  11. gaetaninaa

    Love the recipe. Just made it and it totally fixed my? pizza cravings!! Only edit for me is to make the crust thinner than I even thought and cook a little longer.

  12. ladydiora

    Thank u?

  13. shama316

    Mmmmm looks delicious! Thanks for this. I love your channel and your? cookbook 🙂

  14. khamlichi imane

    i have a question for you brenda, I don’t find the almond? flour also the coconut flour in my country, can i do it with powder of almond and coconut ? thanks a lot for your answers

  15. dillon102

    I bet this is yummy

  16. WoobaNocturnalle

    Thanks for doing this. I gave up wheat about 3 months ago. And you’re right, I do miss pizza.

    By the way, my cousin is allergic to both wheat and eggs. Can you recommend a good egg? replacement in this recipe?

  17. TJMory

    thanks so much for? this. could you do a recipe for wheat free bread in a bread maker? All the recipes online are so complicated and contain things like “guar gum”…. this recipe here is all natural and I’d like one like this for my bread maker preferable using quinoa flour! thank you!!

  18. Treasajones

    I just made this and it was so good,thank you so much,it was? my first time using coconut flour and daiya and to reiterate it was so good!

  19. mokmid80

    You have no Ide how mutch I love you!!!=) I been 169,9kg? and know 85kg I am 100% raw and start training after 1,5 month sickness. I would like to start running/jogging but I notis I can only run for 2 minute how can I do so I can run longer? I get so sad after the gym I am relly trying big loove

  20. Phon Chokechai

    i havent pay attention? to anything u said because u r so darn beautiful

  21. MissErin9

    you’re? beautiful

  22. Tifore

    Any info? or recipes for a vegan pizza crust?

  23. clevercupcake

    Can I use quinoa flour??

  24. leansecrets

    New video is on the? way sister! 🙂

  25. trixyt4

    I made? it just now!! Delicious. Next time I’ll cook the crust longer. How long did you cook yours?

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