Gluten Free Recipes – Penne Chicken Alfredo from Kimberly’s Kitchen

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Brought to you by A delicious gluten free pasta entree with grilled chicken and a creamy alfredo sauce and fresh herbs. All ingredients can be found at your local grocery store. Quick & easy gluten free recipe that takes approximately 30 mins to make.

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  1. thedietsolutionprgrm

    Protein gives us the energy to get up and go—and keep going. Protein in food is broken down into the 20 amino acids that are the body’s basic building blocks for growth and energy and essential for maintaining cells? tissues and organs. A lack of protein in our diet can slow growth reduce muscle mass lower immunity and weaken the heart and respiratory system. Protein is particularly important for children whose bodies are growing and changing daily.

  2. Adam Silvia

    Looks? good.

  3. Sue Allmen

    Thanks,? this is a god send

  4. goodlivingideas1

    Sounds like a good learning video for gluten free diet options. Please subscibe? to my channel for more links to this subject.

  5. GameVerb

    Thanks for this recipe! If there is anything that I love that is considered vegen is pasta and especially Alfredo. I am going all Vegen soon, simply because 1)? The severe abuse animals are going through 2) I have P.O.T.S, severe chronic pain, and possible Celiac. I just can’t believe the things we are doing to our animals – it is basically genocide against our precious animals. I am also combining juicing with this as well. For anyone curious, watch “Sick, Fat, And Nearly Dead” & “Food, Inc”

  6. YesNoMabeeVlog

    This is a great recipe!? and video! Thanks for sharing!!

  7. ntsuabvaj1

    looks good?

  8. Sunshinestar

    Thanks! simple, fun, easy to the point and you made? it sound pleasent.

  9. Jenn Ran

    I made a stupid mistake and added the chicken when the saute pan was already fully? heated and it was like the 4th of July in my kitchen

  10. deannej21

    Hi, just a suggestion, it may help to? get the sauce going before you add the pasta.

  11. HSalahieh

    Just a suggestion … should probably start with the pasta first because I tried this and the chicken was? done way before the pasta.

  12. wwwBulkTaffycom

    Gluten Free? Saltwater Taffy….. So Good

  13. Jusanigga

    Do u think i could use Ricotta cheese? and cream cheese 2?

  14. jyotsnachanglani

    awesome recipe..tried? it..and loved it..thanks!

  15. juliosalsamora

    scalllions are green , shalots are white & purple? !!

  16. Phillip B

    OMG this is great for us? in a budget. no more eating out 🙂

  17. lilazngrl2101

    Those? are scallions not shallots

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