Gluten Free with Alex Thomopoulos Returns to Hungry!

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Alex T is back for a whole new season of Gluten Free cooking! She’s got recipes from flatbread pizza to fried chicken to peanut butter cake that will make even a non-celiac’s mouth water! Subscribe to Hungry for the best culinary videos on the web! Find us on Facebook! And check us out on Twitter! Alex’s website: Tweet at Alex: ?@AlexThomopoulos –

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  1. Daniel Holopoff

    I have to marry? a Greek girl now…

  2. MzShanz002

    i just? love watching her

  3. dutchgunner14

    Gluten free? food from Roley’s

  4. ADeliciousMess

    I think? I’m in love hehehehe

  5. maria4616

    Lol, fuck off.?

  6. Lara Mendez


  7. Anna Nevermindd

    I love? her!

  8. BreMontez

    ahahahha? She deserve a TV SHOW too!!

  9. Trashtienda

    She’s so adorable!?

  10. 8OBHRZ

    I? want more gluten free with Alex tttttttttt!

  11. calamityjen07

    I’m glad I came across your channel. My sister has a gluten allergy and it’s been a big challenge trying to make food that doesn’t cause her to get sick. Your videos will be a big life saver to her. I think what you are doing is great and I am sorry to hear that you were diagnosed with celiac disease. Much respect to you and I wish you a very long,? happy and unfortionately gluten free life. lol. <3

  12. Lightbeam21345

    I won’t judge you Alex if you behave like a lady that is (Lady), who has a refined tongue and speaks about? things that ladies should speak about, not shallow talk (bad Language).

  13. Alex Thomopoulos

    Hi Guys! Thank you so much? for your sweet comments! This season is all about comfort food, BUT make sure you comment and let me know what types of recipes you want to see in the? future. I will totally do? them…I am easy…woh…that escalated quickly. This is awkward. Thank you again for all your feedback! Also follow me on “the twitter” so we can chat. Let’s be friends. @alexthomopoulos

  14. derekbegins

    Cant wait for the n ew season!!?

  15. geminiproject062


  16. PlyMood

    Alex is soooo cute!?

  17. diamondV08

    Whaaaahoooooo cant wait?

  18. Mattias Ljung

    How would I go by to get a chance to marry this? incredible woman?

  19. Vanessa delos Cientos

    I just found myself a? new girl crush. I love you Alex!!

  20. TheOther42086

    You always make me smile. Looking forward to seeing more of your? shows 🙂

  21. new111naruto

    she? is so awesome!! <3

  22. deview123

    Love? you Alex. Want more videos

  23. JennJCFilmFun


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