Gluten intolerance and diet

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Avoiding foods that contain gluten and those that give you an allergic reaction and also cleansing the liver often gets rid of gluten intolerance. To know more about Andreas, please visit To read the entire interview transcript click here

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  1. aryafeydakin

    Gluten perforates the intestinal wall, goes into the bloodstream and accumulate? in the tissue, brain, articulations. Gluten is linked to schizophrenia. We have a whole society eating gluten, this explains alot.
    The gluten break? down occurs after some hours of boiling, or after sprouting too.

    Wheat acidify the body while millet alcalinize it. With millet, the intestinal system move from putrefaction (carnivorous diet) to fermentation (frugivorous diet), vit. B is created in the intestine.

  2. aryafeydakin

    Wheat wasn’t considered as food, only a celebration food, i.e when we were eating meat. If you don’t eat meat, don’t eat wheat, otherwise? it will lead to extrem deficiency in the body.
    The true food was a mush of millet seed or oat, chesnut, buckwheat.
    Bread is a great invention that overcame those harmful effects of gluten. The real bread is eavened bread made from (rye or barley)+wheat, with a 24 hour fermentation.
    Also, the real flour can’t come from industrial grain grinded with steel.

  3. Provailenarthritis

    I really liked this video , gluten problems are serious and i have? it. how can i rid myself of this ?


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