Gluten Intolerance and Obesity

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Dr Vikki Petersen from HealthNOW Medical Center speaking about gluten

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  1. WarriorWasser

    No. People can and do change. When you? feel so bad all day, all week long, etc. and you feel you won’t make another day feeling so damn tired and shitty, that you feel that last struggle might have been your very last; you act on it, you change.

  2. ariesgirl1972

    When they? feel bad enough physically they will. I am proof.

  3. mystery8881

    I’m getting more and more convinced of the fact that I’m gluten intolerant.. I’ve been having issues with my weight for roughly 4yrs, even though I exercise 4-5 times a week and? do not eat massive amounts of junk food.

  4. 5tonyvvvv

    People are stuck in? a system of Medical doctors and pharmaceutical drugs!! Its all LIES!!! Heal your body with Plant based living nutrition!!? Gluten and dairy is why people are so sick and obese!. but its hard to convince stubborn brainwashed ignorant Americans!

  5. healthnowmedical

    @herbalmom – I”m so glad to hear you finally received the correct diagnosis. Please let me know if there’s anything I can assist you with to regain optimal health.

    While removing gluten is a critical initial step, there? are secondary effects to take into consideration as well.I’ve spoken of them often here and on my blog.

    If you’d like to receive a free consultation let me know. I’m here to help! 408-733-0400.

  6. herbalmom

    I have been fighting with Physicians for the past 8 years. I was told I have hypothyroid but when I ask about the amount of hair loss, swelling? and fast weight gain, I am told that I just need to get a better diet. I was diagnosed three weeks ago with gluten sensitivity and wow what a difference I feel.

  7. 5tonyvvvv

    People? are not gonna give up gluten, dairy, and Sugar its a fucked up, brainwashed fat society!

  8. cickevy

    Thanks for the information Vikki. You’ve answered all my questions! I will send this video link to other friends of mine who are? also suffering from celiac disease. Keep up the good work.

  9. StigmataBOB1

    Thank? You for the grate information.

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