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Posted on Gluten Intolerance, Autoimmunity, Nutritional Deficiency, and Bone Loss Should We Generically Recommend Calcium For Bone Loss? High doses of calcium are commonly prescribed for patients with osteoporosis. This recommendation is fundamentally flawed for many reasons. Keep reading to learn why… A research report in the New England Journal of Medicine identifies antibodies against osteoprotegerin (a protein that prevents bone breakdown) in several patients with celiac disease. This protein is responsible for helping maintain bone density. When it is attacked by the body’s immune system, bone loss becomes accelerated leading to osteoporosis. Source: N Engl J Med 2009;361:1459-65. Bone Loss is a Complex Process It is a common thought that osteoporosis associated with celiac disease is a result of malabsorption of vitamins and minerals (mainly vitamin D and calcium). The above report links an autoimmune process of bone loss to gluten sensitivity separate and distinct from gluten induced malabsorption. This finding begs us to ask the questions — Is Osteoporosis an autoimmune process? Should all patients with bone loss be assessed for gluten sensitivity? Why is this an important link? If osteoporosis has an autoimmune component, then we have to go back and look at gluten as a potential cause as it is the only known cause for any of the autoimmune diseases. That means that everyone with osteoporosis should potentially be screened for gluten sensitivity

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  1. MeezersRcool

    could not hear or understand the type of test he was referring to about testing for mineral/vitamin deficiency – what? is called Spectracell?? Thank you

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