Gluten Intolerance Casuses Ataxia or Unstable Gait

Posted on 20-45% of all Ataxia is caused by gluten intolerance. Yet only 10% of those suffering have digestive symptoms. Learn more from a doctor and author.

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  1. serafina572001

    I have Gluten Ataxia. I am affected not only with ataxia, but also with other brain functions issues including but not limited to: Speech (both speaking and understanding), neurological hot electrical pain and short term memory issues. I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease (CD) in January 2009 and am still disabled from Gluten ataxia. Because I was older when? I was diagnosed (in my 50’s) and went undiagnosed for so many years I may never fully recover.
    Read up on Dr Marios Hadjivassiliou research

  2. tripleleo

    Hmm… when I was a child, I had severe IBS. Thankfully that isn’t as much of a problem nowadays, but I have sporadic periods during which I have some sort of mystery illness, with symptoms ranging from minor hot/cold flash like feelings, severe ‘mind fog’, and what you are describing in the this video. Whenever I have mentioned these experiences? to a Doctor they are either perplexed or they suggest it’s anxiety. Thanks for posting these vids, I think I will have to try the Gluten free thing.

  3. Vikki Petersen

    @rubytwilight – I’m so glad that you discovered gluten as? a culprit. It is quite amazing what just a few days without it can do – we often see that in our patients as well.

    Let me know how you do and if you need any further assistance. I’m here to help and would be happy to offer you a free health analysis. 408-733-0400.

    Dr Vikki

  4. rubytwighlight

    oh .. and? I am only 24 years old

  5. rubytwighlight

    the past two months I was walking around so wobbly, I kept failing the tandem gait and romberg test, it sometimes looked as though things were slightly moving at times. I couldn’t balance on one leg, I would wake up feeling completely “drunk” and stumble around. Bright lights really made me feel dizzy and had a lot of muscle twitching. All of this and I am a Ballet Dance Teacher! All said and done and it is a gluten intolerance. I have been? off gluten for 6 days and already feel So much BETTER!!

  6. Vikki Petersen

    @Lorelle – Yes this could be gluten related. It is definitely not normal to have those symptoms and it is evidence that the nervous system is under stress. Please contact me if you wish so that I can get more specifics.? Call 408-733-0400.
    Dr Vikki

  7. Lorelle1020

    Is it possible that if when you first wake up – you could stumble? really out of balance for several minutes? Thank you, your videos are great!

  8. blondecrazygaijin

    With a tan,? you’re super pretty. ^_^

  9. loriannlouise

    Thank you so much for all your info ,my family and? i really appreciate everything <3

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