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Again, the title sums it up. There’s sure to be a part two to this. Here’s a more informative video on the topic:

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  1. GrimmTeather

    We’re on the same page. That’s? basically what I want to do as well

  2. sandcastlecollapsing

    My dream? career would be to help people on all levels: emotionally, psychologically, nutritionally, physically, spiritually. In this current state most people are unhealthy in all these areas. And healing should be done holistically, when dealing with all parts of health…not just one dimensionally.

  3. sandcastlecollapsing

    Well natural sugars like from fruit and veggies are good and needed for the body and healthy complex carbs. But the thing with candida is it feeds off of even healthy carbs and sugars. So when doing the cleanse you have to eliminate those foods.? I could only eat berries and half an apple for fruit, no other kind. Certain veggies that were too starchy and sugary were not allowed like carrots. So it’s a different realm when you have something like candida.

  4. GrimmTeather

    Another thing I remembered… How fearful I became on the diet. I became stressed going places because? there was little for me to eat. My fear and anxiety were through the roof.

  5. GrimmTeather

    Sugars and carbs are needed by the body though. When they’re refined, they don’t give any nourishment at all. When I don’t have them, I become tired, stressed and grumpy. I think Chinese medicine says candida starts from an over-active liver (anything to do with the skin/rashes is liver-related too).
    And.. yes, I find myself pretty sensitive physically. I don’t drink or smoke because of how? much it stuffs up my system.

  6. GrimmTeather

    I lost a lot of muscle-mass when I did the no-sugar diet but I did learn how to cook new/different foods. I couldn’t keep going? with that because I couldn’t eat anything and the problems moved elsewhere in my body. Most of my diet is whole, unrefined food now but I still eat junk. You might like a book called, ‘Healing with Whole Foods’. It goes into everything using Western and Chinese medicine. Chinese medicine is interesting because it deals with emotional, physical and spiritual.

  7. GrimmTeather

    Yep, I went through the candida business and I also got the rash thing happening after too. I get it on my upper arms (mainly the right) and on my shins. I found by cutting out sugar, I started overcompensating with other foods (I’d over-eat). Exercise is a big help in getting the body better, sunshine and understanding your emotions better. The cravings mainly come from emotional stuff and become physical after that? (I eat when I feel lonely, stressed or whatever).

  8. sandcastlecollapsing

    It’s interesting cause I wondered if being an INFP, a highly sensitive person, or empath had anything to do? with it. I seem to be more sensitive than others but not just on an emotional level, also in the physical realm. Do you find yourself in that boat as well?

  9. sandcastlecollapsing

    elements I have gotten a rash that broke out all over my face and arms. It was itchy and comparable to eczema (which I never had before). The cravings also get? incredibly strong for sugars and simple carbs because the organisms feed off of that and die without it. So they send chemical signals to your brain to make you crave those very things. I’ve attempted this restricted diet 6 times to only keep falling prey to the impossible cravings.

  10. sandcastlecollapsing

    I am an INFP with what I suspect to be candida. You might want to look that up. It’s a natural yeast that grows in our intestines but a poor diet or high amounts of antibiotics causes an environement for them to thrive and take over the good bacteria. I’ve been struggling with this for 2.5 years to cut out sugar, simple carbs, breads, dairy, cause they feed off of all that. I think in time though we’ll learn that these things aren’t good for anyone. When I’ve done the cleanse? and cut out those

  11. Jennjacdance

    i have a blog that has vegan and gluten-free recipes, you should check it out! Just google: Sketch-free Vegan. I’m an INFP too! haha, infpower!

    Love your videos, I find myself? relating strongly to them 🙂

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