Gluten Intolerance Damages Nerves – Seizures, Migraines + More

Posted on Up to 22% of celiacs have seizures. 66% of those suffering nervous system problem from gluten have no digestive complaints. Learn more! ps Just wanted to let you know that the video is complete, the only thing that was cut off was the goodbye

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  1. catdeluxeatday

    Thank you so much for your answer. ?

  2. healthnowmedical

    Here are some options:
    1. AGA (anti-gliadin antibodies)? – it is felt that if it’s high and you’re negative for celiac AND you notice an improvement on a g-free diet, then suspect gluten sensitivity.
    2. Cyrex Labs offers a comprehensive test that includes the AGA above plus more. It’s the one I use.
    3. Eliminate gluten from your diet & see how you feel. Test first if possible, but we always follow-up w/ this because tests aren’t perfect.

    I hope this helps. Please let me know.
    DR Vikki

  3. catdeluxeatday

    Soo… how to exactly TEST medicaly if one suffers from gluten intolerance, while celiac deasase was? excluded by doing biopsy? Thank you in advance for your answer.

  4. healthnowmedical

    I cite a particular study, but I have read on many occasions that many dogs are gluten intolerant. Check to see if your dog food contains? gluten. I use a brand named “wellness’ that I like very much and its definitely gluten-free.

    I have also found that many dog treats contain gluten, so watch out for those too.

    I hope your pup feels better once gluten is removed. Also adding some fish oil to his diet may help, its good for the nerves. They sell the oil at pet stores.

    Dr Vikki

  5. ParagonPerfumes

    Thank? you Dr. Vikki for your wonderful videos. Just a quick question for you:
    Do you know of any research that has been done on dogs, regarding wheat intolerance? I have a 10 year old collie mix that has been having grand mal seizures for 8 years and she also walks like she is drunk (ataxia?) on her evening walks. Most Veterinarians have no idea about gluten intolerance/celiac/etc., but I suspect wheat may be a problem. After all, most of vet medicine is copied from human medicine. Thank you 🙂

  6. ginareynolds164

    Thanks, again! I have a friend who may ‘need’ this? video…

  7. healthnowmedical

    @hotchman99 – Yes I? am most definitely gluten-free. My husband, myself and our three children are all gluten sensitive. I have been gluten-free for about 15 years.

  8. hotchman99

    Are? you gluten-free?

  9. healthnowmedical

    @Shaughtons -? You are correct. My audience is sooo smart! I did misspeak when I said the Lancet was a US journal – It is a British Medical Journal.
    Thanks for the correction.
    Dr Vikki

  10. 5haughtons

    Excellent information. Thank you so much.
    One small? note: You describe The Lancet as a “US journal”. I think you mean “UK journal.”

  11. Cypressmyst

    Thanks. 🙂 ?

  12. healthnowmedical

    Just wanted to let you know that the video is complete, the only? thing that was cut off was the goodbye.
    To your good Health

  13. Cypressmyst

    The video cuts? off at the end. 🙁

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