Gluten Intolerance, Growing Problem?

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Gluten allergies and gluten intolerances are becoming more common. Some studies are not clear if this is because doctors are more aware of symptoms or if more people really are having gluten problems.

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  1. SinupretSA

    Wow, people still have a lot to learn if it has crossed their minds that gluten-free products can help with weight problems. There are people who are actually allergic to gluten, people with conditions like Celiacs Disease which can? affect many parts of the body very? badly when not paid attention to.

  2. terryjwoodpgh

    Eating gluten-free won’t help you lose weight. There are as many calories in GF foods as any other. If you want to lose weight, count your calories or your carbs. Gluten free does not mean less? calorires. It just means that the food doesn’t contain gluten.

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