Hasslebeck ‘View’ on Gluten-free Diet Book

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‘The View’ co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck is talking about her new gluten-free diet book and her relationship with her fellow women on the ABC daytime talk show. (May 19)

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  1. IvorBarry

    (Continued from comment below)

    Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. There is a lot of new research going on into non-celiac gluten sensitivity. ? It’s not the same thing as celiac disease, but the cure is the same: Don’t eat gluten!

    So don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Do what it takes to be healthy. If that means giving up gluten, so be it!

    I wish you all? the best!

  2. IvorBarry

    @LaurBooT15: Seven years ago I discovered that things with wheat, rye and barley made me ill. I got the blood test for celiac disease but it came up negative. No one back then thought it was possible to be gluten sensitive. I decided to stop eating anything that made me ill. I ended up gluten free by default! In just 3 days the mental fog went away. Within a few weeks I was feeling great. Today my doctor uses my case when he lectures to his med students.? You can be gluten sensitive.

  3. LaurBooT15

    @despookyhhr Obviously you have freaking mental problems. I have NEVER had anyone so downright rude to me about have a freaking intolerance to gluten. I’ve been in and out of the dr.’s office for two years…”You’ll never seek out what will really help you” Seriously? You don’t even know me! And to answer your ignorant questions…I’ve? had a small intestinal biopsy,anti-endomysial antibodies test, anti-gliadin antibody test, and a genetic markers test. Satisfied? K? Good now leave me alone.

  4. LaurBooT15

    @despookyhhr Listen dude obviously you are set in your ways. I have a sensitivity to gluten. Period. All I know is that I’m healthy without gluten and I’m not sick anymore. Trust me I don’t want to have a sensitivity to gluten. I FREAKING LOVE BREAD!! I was devastated when I found out. But I guess since you think there’s no such thing as gluten sensitivity ( keep in mind your not a? freaking doctor) I should just keep eating gluten. ha no way! im not getting sick. PEACE OUT.

  5. casyatbat

    @LaurBooT15, No problem. Get all your health information from “reality stars”.
    There must be books from the Jersey Shore & the Kardasians that you can also read.
    I wrote that? one should go to Amazon and find deserving authors who are experts.

  6. LaurBooT15

    @casyatbat….So only people with medical degrees and scientific backgrounds can cook? Because you just said that I should put my tastebuds in the hands of someone that has a medical degree. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! Wow that really made me laugh. Elizabeth’s book helped me in ways you can’t even imagine. Her recipes drastically helped my health. Where do you eat by the way? Only at hospitals I presume? Elizabeth made a cook? book and everybody’s hating…it’s ridiculous!

  7. LaurBooT15

    It stuns me how people who don’t even care about gluten or have celiac disease are commenting on here. Get a life. This video wasn’t about going “Vegan” it was about Gluten. Shake off them Haters Elizabeth!?

  8. casyatbat

    To those who need to be Glutton free. Go to Amazon or? other book stores and find deserving authors and not this “Reality Artist” with half a brain and the half she has is filled to the brim with Fox News propaganda.

    Even with my dislike of this Reality Artist, find authors who either have medical degrees or scientific backgrounds who merit your hard earned cash.

  9. Marie Fang

    It’s a bummer how many mean comments there are on here. I do have celiac disease, and regardless of how the press gets out there, I’m just happy it’s getting press so people? know about it.

    -Undiagnosed for 20 years.

  10. QueerSwede1

    oh fucking hell, of all the people that could have written about gluten free, this brainless cunt? is the one!

  11. sunshineuk1965

    I’m all for gluten free but? I really cannot stand this blond woman, she is a stupid nazi airhead.

  12. jessiib12

    @despookyhhr Haha. I completely agree with you! She is just another Hollywood victim. I was just saying that for myself. I’m vegan and I understand your position. I get very angry when celebrities “go vegan” for a few months just to drop weight and then continue eating meat? after. She’s a fake just like most of them.

  13. jessiib12

    @despookyhhr I’m not arguing with you and I don’t have celiac but I refrain from eating bread products because I? do feel like shit when I eat them. However, I’m not a fraud and by no means do I say I have celiac or gluten intolerance. I just don’t eat it.

  14. sylvilicious

    mcdonalds commercial preceding information on gluten? intolerance. classic irony.

  15. wwwBulkTaffycom

    Gluten Free Taffy, So? Good….

  16. loonmaniac

    Hasslebeck and Jenny McCarthy should get together and? go bowling sometime.

  17. GREG7289

    Rosie was right. we need a real independent investigation into 911. Many witnesses reported explosions inside the buildings. 19 Muslims with boxcutters? Oh please give me a break.? Also You Tube WTC 7 Collapse and it looks like a controlled demolition. You Tube WTC 7 Collapse now and judge for yourself.

  18. nodoubt257

    that is? not true. Do you know what gluten is? Look at the root word. It is a “glue” It binds food together. It is a binder. There is a lot of junk food that has gluten and there is no reason to eat it no matter what kind of diet or non-diet you’re on.

  19. christchacoutu

    fuckin cunt?

  20. happylilsunbeam

    I may not agree with her but I so love her for her sense of? respect of others.

  21. Alvin4NY


  22. leburnos

    I hate this woman more then I hate Osama bin Laden! Not only does she not have any idea about anything but? she is loud mouth. Her point of views are awful and she stole this information from someone else! A real POS just like her quarterback husband. LOSER!

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