HEALTHY FOOD CHALLENGE! | Gluten-Free Diet, Day 1

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I’m participating in Colleen Ballinger’s Healthy Food Challenge, where each week has a different dietary restriction, and documenting it all! I went with Sam to Whole Foods to shop for some gluten-free food. I’ll be vlogging my week-long gluten-free experience, so please subscribe to my channel to follow along! FOLLOW ME: MY CHANNEL: SAM’S CHANNEL:

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  1. NickCil

    we made gluten free brownies in my next video! go watch? it 😀

  2. NickCil

    I was mainly looking for GF? substitutions to supplement my diet. How long have you been vegan? I think that is harder than GF. and thanks 😀

  3. NickCil

    So happy that you saw this! Check out my? newest video to see how the next few days went 🙂

  4. NickCil

    Yeah, just for specialty items! Whole Foods? is really expensive but they have a great selection of gf and vegan foods.

  5. NickCil

    awesome, good? luck 😀

  6. Lucy Bowyer

    It’s so hard isn’t? it! I’m doing it too! xoxo

  7. SisDaKidProduction

    Colleen how can you seriously live withouth this? whole list ?
    you’re a bad ass for doing that .

  8. psychosoprano

    YAAAY! So glad you are? doing this with me! “That’s 12 times the gluten!” HAHA! Keep me updated on how it’s going!!

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