healthy organic food and gluten free lifestyle

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healthy cooking, gluten free diet for fat loss, stress reduction and wellness lifestyle. never diet or count calories again

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  1. MrManik69

    Hey? there! Have you ever tried – fast abs magic (do a search on google)? Ive heard some super things about it and my sister got hot Six pack abs and lost lots of weight with it.

  2. jazzplayer9

    I? wish I could find me some venison around here. that stuff is good

  3. gsxraddict

    have you seen Dr. Hyman on here? He talks about this, hope? you kept it up.

  4. healthyurbankitchen

    @ieatsalad90 #2- It was just unnecessary she was working with a typical personal trainer who did unnecessary body building type of exercises and too much cardio. Cardio can increase belly fat and the body weight? training can be intense enough if it is done right. She lost body fat first by changing her diet, second by reducing the intensity of the exercise.

  5. healthyurbankitchen

    @ieatsalad90 #1 basically we eat fats proteins and? carbs. Fats are mostly saturated fats including butter and coconut oil. Proteins would be meats, fish, eggs and carbs are fruits and vegetables. If you want to eat grains or beans, go for it, I don’t- but you have to figure out whats best for you.

  6. TaylorWmh

    Try Russian women and success your life?

  7. Karen Rankin

    I had this same kind of experience. F 48 . My allergies went away,? My RA cleared up. off all meds in 1 months time.

  8. Cypressmyst

    Makes? you want them to pay you back, at least monetarily doesn’t it. Doctors get zero respect from me anymore. They are truly clueless pill pushers. I’m sorry you had to suffer for so long but happy that you finally figured it out. 🙂

  9. wwwBulkTaffycom

    Gluten Free Saltwater Taffy….. So? Good

  10. swifton1

    I lost 20 years to this shit I been on xanax I been on every stomach pill there is I been on pain pills I been on phergan the works and been sick I mean sick! for 20 years! TWO days after cutting gluten out TWO days I feel better than I have in 20 years I am not nausa! praise the Lord! I really think this? has been the problem I have starved I have been throu hell this gluten has crippled me and I have been to 20 doctors and none ever had a clue all said stress

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