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Watch how easy it is to use the BioCard Celiac Test Kit! With just a quick prick and less than 10 minutes of waiting, you can find out if you or a loved one has celiac! It’s that simple!

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  1. Marisoa

    I did eat a lot of gluten- contained food. I have always done that. 6 months later on the same gluten diet my doctor wanted to take a blood sample and the high number literally showed me that i had celiac. I have of course taken the biopsy, and all of my villis were gone. So I had celiac disease.? This test may work for some, but for me that was an obvious case of celiac disease showed no indicator. Actually it just slowed down the process of getting the real diagnosis.

  2. gofawkyrslf

    The test is the same as the lab. It is not? fake. The blood tests are not as accurate as the biopsy.
    One must keep eating gluten for at least one month prior to taking the home test.

  3. Marisoa

    This test is fake. I tested negatively on it, and it turns out the blood? sample my doctor took showed a very posetive result. Stay away from buying this shit.

  4. mrsthickmomma

    where do you get it from?

  5. Swansen03

    you know, the majority of of people who are wheat intolerant do not actually? have celiac disease(auto-immune portion). IF no celiac disease is present Pharmax Glutenzyme made a product that allows wheat intolerant people to eat small portions of wheat without issue. NOT celiac patients

  6. deadpanrookie

    This test sucks. Doesn’t work.?

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