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The Almond Joy bar is a classic chocolate candy, and this video recipe, one of the best chocolate candy recipes around, shows you how to make a version at home. In this video tutorial, Anne from ezgf.blogspot.com shows you how to make an Almond Joy that is healthier and gluten free. Anne says, “Dark chocolate has less fat and sugar and more heart healthy flavonoids so it makes sense to make the switch. I’ve also used less of the filling in relation to the chocolate and almonds so we’ll be getting more of the ingredients that are good for us without losing any of the taste we love in this classic candy.” Go to www.favediets.com for the full instructions list and step-by-step instructions for the gluten free recipe version of this classic candy.

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  1. xyz6034

    Can i skip the confectioner sugar since? its sweetened coconut?

  2. kiatyfication

    Looks Good, I may try it!?

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