How I Deal With A GLuten Free Diet BUT NOT NOW NO MORE GF

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Update… Now after doing a gluten challenge for the last week on October 5, 2010, I am having no problem with gluten. The skin test done for the DH was not sent for the right testing, several times… Years of gluten free diet when I did not need it, and ignored when I did not do well on it. I was told even that if I stayed gluten free and did not cheat I would not be having trouble… I NEVER cheated on the diet, not from the first day on it many years ago. Make sure you really need the gluten free diet before starting it, for your own health’s sake. Many of the products are not enriched, as normal gluten containing foods. I suffered due to this. I feel better now since a week of gluten food, than I have felt in years. I have to eat a gluten free diet. I have celiac disease and dermatitis herpetiformis. Here are some of the ways I cope with a gluten free diet. Feel free to share this information with anyone or to post it on your site or web page! Music is from AudioSwap, Thank You YouTube! Last Week In Berlin Artist: Armando Trovaioli Genre: Classical

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  1. Francine Scott

    I am 45, I thought it was dairy and I have fibroids but i had some surgery. Last year in July I started blowing up like a balloon like I was pregnant..i gave up dairy…nope didn’t work, went low carb–lost weight didn’t work,, for most part-some., 3 weeks ago I gaVe it up 3 weeks ago, I don’t have this distention from my breast bone? to my underbelly, my friends kids thought I was giving birth to an air basketball, I started taking burcock root and vitex for my fibroids just in caSe.

  2. EarlandPatty

    I am now on the gluten challenge, for dianostic reasons. When my health? was real bad, I had trouble cooking like this. It is very labor intensive and expensive too. A well stocked kitchen has to be kept.

  3. chocolatepoundcake

    Very impressive, Patty!
    I eat GF most of the time; I don’t know if I’m celiac, but it probably benefits everybody.
    I’ve been low in iron for many years, despite diligent iron supplementing and the occasional organic? beef. There is a strong correlation between iron def. anemia & celiac, I read in a professional magazine by Thorne (supplement company).

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