How to Blend Gluten Free Flour by G-Free Foodie

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KC Pomering of G-Free Foodie talks about concepts behind making your own Gluten Free Flour Blend and shows you how to make her favorite recipe. Get the list of flours and the exact recipe here:

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  1. zazavely

    So? what can you bake with these flour mixes?

  2. dniell48

    Great video. Just found out someone in the family has? Celiac disease and am being tested now. It’s great to be learning this from someone from my home town. I enjoy your recipes that can be made meat free.

  3. jungwon2006

    I used to bake? things with just one flour, but it ended up tasting really bad and boring.
    I will try this guide, thank you!

  4. electricjoshua

    This sounds like an awesome blend. ? Thanks for posting!

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