How to Make a Gluten-Free Flour Mix

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Tired of buying mixes? Want to make up a batch of gluten-free flours that match your family’s needs exactly? Here’s how. (Video edited by the extraordinary team at

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  1. remedyfarm

    Excellent. Thank you. Luv your laugh by the way.? Hello from Ottawa, Canada 🙂

  2. Ashleigh Swerdfeger

    gluten free girl and the chef

  3. Ashleigh Swerdfeger


  4. DDumbrille

    Don’t hold your breath for an answer. Looks like she hasn’t answered? anyone’s questions, so I won’t bother asking mine. Must be too busy eating her bread, pies, cakes, cookies…………..

  5. Tiger Wild

    loved the video!
    Never done this before, was told you need gum. Bought all the flours on video then was told it goes bad, but no one could tell how long it last. still can’t figure out how to translate the grams to 2 cups can’t? afford a scale. Having a real tough time! Do you have any suggestions? Thank you!

  6. Jennie Butler

    Keep spearmint tea near your flour and the bugs won’t touch it. They hate? spearmint. Did this last year after having a problem…and never saw one.

  7. Zanshin44

    I made your GF whole grain muffins which called for a 70% whole grain to 30% starch mix. What is the difference between the different blends? Are different ratios used for different sorts of baking (muffins vs sandwich bread, for example)? ? The muffins are delicious, by the way!

  8. patriciatursi1

    that’s because bugs are more intelligent than humans and won’t eat commercial flours that are not nutritious.?

  9. gingerlane

    It would be extremely helpful if videos had links back to the post on which they were? featured. I’m looking for that fabulous list of options for this mix and thought I might easily find it through here (as I remember it with a video), but alas, I shall have to search your site. Granted, I’m more than happy to search the site, as I always stumble across something new, but just figured it would be helpful!

  10. Sasha Lynn

    When we first met I never imagined I would one day be playing this video with my iPhone sitting? on top of a canister while mixing different flours. Thanks for cracking the code, Shauna. 🙂

  11. mpca66

    I was curious to know if you need to refirgerate these types of flours similar to wheat flour? As you know,? wheat flour can sprout bug if left in a warm pantry.

  12. bateriadepetaluma

    GF Girl, thank you. This looks like a great all-purpose flour for baking the stuff we love (like biscuits or pie crust). What about nutrition? How about a? healthy whole-grain mix that includes more of the nutrients we lose when we don’t eat wheat?

  13. MsDarcyfan

    Curious how? many cups you get out of 1000g.

  14. 1too3fore

    you need to walk the walk not just? talk the talk

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