How to make Gluten Free Banana Bread by dish with trish

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In this video, Trish is demostrating how to making gluten free banana bread.

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  1. banisua

    I have made this as a bread and as muffins and it is terrific. The xanathan gum seemed to affect my regularity so I skip it without any problem, There is a muffin shop in Austin that makes GF muffins with chick peas. I substituted garbonzo/fava bean flour for the rices flours and really? like it. I really like the agave nector. Thanks again for this great recipe!

  2. ThomnTrish

    Awe,That is great.You will want to? eat this bread within a day or two as it does seem to dry out fast.Probably because of all natural ingredients.
    Thanks for Watching

  3. banisua

    All of the? other GF banana bread recipes here have a cup of sugar and/or a whole stick of butter. This recipe looks a lot healthier. Never heard of agave nectar as a sweetner. Bought ingredients yesterday and am waiting for my bananas to ripen. Thanks for posting.

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