how to make gluten-free breadsticks

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Once you see how easy this bread dough is to make, we think you’ll be making breadsticks at home, in no time. (Editing done by the incredible Smith Bites Pho…

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  1. gooddiehl

    If you’ve? seen here other videos, or went to her website, she says (jist), “If it’s your house, [for you or your fam] you can use your hands”

  2. Renate Hoornstra

    i tried these but the dough turned out sticky. i had to use a lot of flour to be able to? knead it. what went wrong?

  3. 4made4more

    So encouragingly easy! I mix like you do, but I don’t measure like you do — I’ll have to get a scale.?

  4. qgkitten

    why is she usinig her hand to scoop the flour?? that is kind of gross.

  5. Rachel Grundy

    This was great! It’s so much easier to understand the concept of GF bread dough having now seen you make it. Thanks! Will go back to baking my own bread now. 🙂

    Quick question – to use this for a loaf of bread, do you just knead it and then put in a traditional baking tin? And? how long to bake it for a loaf?

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