How-To: Popped Amaranth ~ A Gluten Free Gigi Recipe

Posted on ~ Gluten Free Gigi shows you to Pop Amaranth! Discover this Fun and Crunchy way to get fantastic nutrition from this COMPLETE PROTEIN that contains an adequate balance of all nine essential amino acids necessary for your dietary needs! Find the simple recipe here

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  1. Raederle Phoenix

    This is cool. I can’t wait to try it. Side note: I wish I could find a video where someone isn’t talking about the “protein benefit” of amaranth (or quinoa, or? any grain or seed). The protein type is “globular” and not very bio-available (as is the protein type in meat, beans, dairy and nuts). The protein in amaranth (or any other food with globular protein) is inferior to the protein in vegetables which is readily absorb-able. I have an article about this? in detail on my website.

  2. grannaboo03

    Wish you? made more cooking videos!! 😀

  3. GlutenFreeGigi

    😉 Wouldn’t that? be a hoot! xo

  4. GlutenFreeGigi

    Indeed!! And fun in? the kitchen is totally what it’s all about! Enjoy! xo

  5. allaping pong

    Wow. I can’t? wait to try this this looks so fun

  6. grannaboo03

    Haha! I thought you were going to sugesst we? enjoy pop Amaranth like pocorn! But these are great ideas, topping muffins ceareal, and salad! Thanks!

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