Hypothyroid disease treated with TRUE Gluten Free Diet

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towncenterwellness.com This women was diagnosed with celiac disease and hypothryoidism. She tried a gluten free diet without success. After going TRUE Gluten Free, she started her healing journey and is on the fast track toward health. Learn more at www.glutenfreesociety.org

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  1. MrAdspecialty4u

    Congrats on? your healing 🙂

  2. MrAdspecialty4u

    I actually overdosed on my thyroid medication after going gluten free for two months. Ended up in the ER unable to walk straight, couldnt sign my name, was very confused. Felt like i had? been drugged. Had just had thyroid tests done two months ago, and continued my usual dosage that i had been taking for three years. Was very scary – but now realize how much gluten was messing with my thyroid. Have not taken my meds for two weeks, my regular dr wont redo the blood tests.
    Congrats on your h

  3. Guitareka

    I was diagnosed with celiac disease and hypo- and hyperthryoidism, too. (2 yrs ago) Since I’ve been on GF diet, everything has changed!! I feel 200% better.
    I? am sure that tyroid problems are linked to celiac desease!! I wish more doctors would be more aware of it!!

  4. Cypressmyst

    You sound very angry, your point got lost somewhere in that anger. Maybe lay off the gluten? ;)?

  5. Cypressmyst

    I’ve been GF for 3 months now and my thyroid is no longer enlarged and my meds are decreasing. Anyone with an Auto-immune disorder should look into gluten? as the cause. My depression of 17 years is gone as well. 🙂 Life is just so much more vibrant when you aren’t poisoning yourself everyday. 😉 Imagine that.

  6. DocOsborne

    Thanks for taking your time to watch the video. The first step toward change is education yourself!?

  7. GranFury440

    Okay doc ozzy explain to me why mother healed on corn flakes and rice fucking crispies with the dreaded small amount of terror malt. Hmmm? My mother was on death’s door with low cholesterol vitamins and electrolyes she was 76? pounds of bones but when put on a GF diet she recovered slowly on eggs rice and perscription aquasol vita A etc.

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