Inferior Mesenteric Artery – Anatomy Tutorial

Posted on 3D video anatomy tutorial on the inferior mesenteric artery using the Zygote Body Browser (http If you want to learn about the arterial blood supply to the abdominal organs, this video provides a background on the inferior mesenteric artery which supplies the hindgut structures. I have also done a tutorial on the coeliac axis and the superior mesenteric artery which relate to this tutorial, so check them out as well! Join the Facebook page for updates: Follow me on twitter: Subscribe to the channel for more videos and updates:

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  1. mansdoctooor

    you are the? beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeest

  2. art4med

    Doesn’t deferring to 100-year old diagrams? defeat the 3D model?

  3. art4med

    Eye-liac? artery?

  4. Hussein Almussawi

    thanks this help? me more in my class

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