Insights from an Autistic: Special Diets Gluten Free Casein Free Dairy/Milk Wheat

Posted on In this video, I discuss the various autism diets and my thoughts on them. Here is the link to check out. http://www.the-glut…

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  1. Jeanne Allie

    Thank you Arman. I suspect that this diet? won’t help every person with autism since all autistic people are individuals, but I suspect it would greatly help an autistic person who is allergic to either milk or gluten. I think your suggestions are great and it would be worth trying either of these diets for a few months to see if the autism would improve. You are a brave young man; thank you.

  2. 452ginger

    for me, my biggest improvements to my aspergers came about, due to what I added into my diet. Now gluten and casein does not seem to cause me to relapse back to my old self?

  3. badpope8192

    However, one thing I don’t like is my over exuberant personality that comes out when I’m not on drugs. If im gluten casein drug free won’t I just ‘bug’ myself and become extremely depressed and hate myself in the extremes I do? Sounds simple but its my inner scars and makes me a little ‘nuts’.? This is my dilemma.

  4. badpope8192

    i’m diagnosed aspergers and my story is long. I am going to carry out this diet because it’s one thing in my miserable life that I will actually follow through with for once. This vid hit home for me cuz im addicted to dairy and im a ‘mental’ smoker? that has tantrums pushing my close friends away. GFCF diet may give me the boost I need.

  5. museebat1

    Fantastic video! by the way my sister used this popular diet routine called: Impact 790 Diet and already lost 14 pounds within just a month. I can’t? remember the exact website just Google it.

  6. Ian Utama

    Oh hai! Have you considered intellectus 424? diet (google it)? Ive heard some incredible things about it and my father lost lots of weight with it.

  7. 5tonyvvvv

    Gluten and dairy is POISON!!!..we are all miserable and sick because of? it!! kids? have ADD and autism from it, and the food industry just wants us to consume more and more!!, and most doctors just want us to live off of pharmaceutical drugs that cure nothing!!..Parents are so Stubborn and stupid, and just give there kids more gluten and dairy!, Drink Hemp Milk!!

  8. momofxantyce

    Your video game me the chills…My son had INSANE tantrums and used to vomit all the time, wasn’t potty trained, made noises. After TWO days on the diet, he potty trained himself. I found puddles of? pee by our toilets which he had NEVER done before. He could finally “feel” his body. Gluten/casein acts as opiates to many, almost like morphine/heroin. After 2 wks, his tantrums were almost completely gone and noises were over 75% gone. It was a miracle. Thanks for this.

  9. EdR77203

    My nephew is a different person on the GFCF diet. He suffers stomach cramps when he eats wheat. On the other hand, my son shows no difference on the diet.?

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