Intestinal Biopsy Unnecessary to Diagnose Celiac Disease

Posted on Two new research studies reveal that intestinal boipsies are unnecessary to diagnose celiac disease. Learn more form a doctor and author.

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  1. msmarketing2011

    Great information Dr. Vikki. The biopsy is expensive and many gastros rule out Celiac if it is negative- which is not the? right approach.

  2. healthnowmedical

    Such advice does not conform with recommended protocols. There is no perfect test, including a biopsy, as it requires so much damage to occur before a positive result is seen.
    Your doctor may be excellent and caring, but advising a biopsy with? no blood test first is really unwarranted in my opinion.
    We must make every effort to not miss gluten intolerance. This requires celiac and gluten sensitivity testing plus a 30 day elimination of gluten.
    You can call for a free analysis – 408-733-0400._

  3. EsotericWisdom33

    Dear Dr Vicki,
    I am wondering if it is worth having the biopsy for celiac disease without doing the blood tests for the celiac? panel. Doctor suggested to go straight to the biopsy as the blood tests are not reliable but the biopsies are expensive as you mention.

  4. TheCambra

    Very useful? video thank you

  5. EZGlutenFree

    Awesome info.?

  6. healthnowmedical

    Dear GlutenFreeVeganMom,
    That’s great! Some raw recipes would be wonderful? and we look forward to them. Enjoy the retreat!
    Dr Vikki

  7. GlutenFreeVeganMom

    I would love to submit recipes! I am transitioning more into high raw and will be heading out to The Tree of? Life in September for a raw retreat. I am looking forward to it and I love how accommodating they are with my diet restricts. Here’s their response to my GF concerns: “All of our food prepared in the cafe is gluten free. We do, however, serve challah at our Friday evening Shabbot ceremony, which contains kamut…I will certainly make the kitchen aware of the sererity of your situation.”

  8. healthnowmedical

    Hello GlutenFreeVeganMom,

    I too am a gluten free vegan! Perhaps you’d like to share some of your recipes on? our site…

    As regards assessing intestinal damage there is a test from Cyrex Labs that they call their “Array 2” that measures how leaky the gut is. It’s an excellent test and far above improved over what we had before. The prior tests were not nearly as sensitive as they needed to be.

    I hope this helps. Feel free to ask more questions.

    Dr Vikki Petersen

  9. GlutenFreeVeganMom

    I shared this video on my facebook fan page and was asked if there is “a way to assess damage to the intestines with out a biopsy? How do we know if we have leaky gut, or any villi left standing? If you know of any info regarding, please advise!”
    I’m not a medical professional, but I would gage the damage to my intestines through blood work. My doctor tests me 3 to 4 times a year to make sure my malabsorption issues are a thing of the past. I also adjust my plant-based diet accordingly.

  10. awaken69

    thanks!? interesting news 🙂

  11. blondecrazygaijin


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